June 25, 2024

Fifty-eight members of the Michigan House of Representatives have betrayed you.

Last week, after quickly moving through the Senate, Democrats in the Michigan House passed HB 4945 sending the bill to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her inevitable signature, further propelling her tyrannical destruction of our Second Amendment Rights.

Even worse, they were aided by Republican traitors Mark Tisdel (HD-55) and Tom Kuhn (HD-57). Voting lock-in-step with the Democrats, Tisdel and Kuhn supported HB 4945 which turns certain misdemeanor offenses in Michigan into an 8-year gun ban.

But the anti-gun frenzy doesn’t stop there.

Reports in Lansing indicate that House Democrats will try and push two other radical gun control bills as soon as this week!

These new monstrosities, House Bills 4127 and 4128, would prohibit law-abiding Michiganders from possessing firearms at polling places — expanding dangerous “gun free” zones and leaving you unprotected from criminals who would seek to harm you while you exercise your right to vote.

If these unconstitutional restrictions on carrying at polling places are passed into law, scores of Michiganders will be subject to all sorts of danger.

And we know that time and time again, evil criminals choose “gun free” zones to commit their heinous acts of violence because their victims are disarmed.

If these bills pass, any criminal, who will most certainly not follow the new laws, could walk into a polling place and start attacking people without any way for you to protect yourself or those around you. These bills would leave you with no safety net to make sure your liberty is not infringed.

HB 4127 and 4128 are another step on the path to tyranny and they need to be stopped immediately.

Please contact your Representative HERE and let them know we will not stand for this encroachment on our rights.

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