June 25, 2024

LEAKED: Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

The Covenant School Mass Murderer’s manifesto has been leaked.

Gun owners can and should speculate why authorities refused to release the document. However, it’s clear by examining the three public pages that this deranged individual — entrenched in woke ideologies — sought to attack Christians. (Guns & Gadgets has a good breakdown of the manifesto here.)

In the document, the murderer chillingly wrote, “Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready… I hope my victims aren’t.

GOA is urging you to get ready. Here are five simple actions you can take to possibly prevent the next mass shooting, defending yourself and your family.

  1. Buy a handgun. Gun owners currently live in the golden age of concealed carry handguns. With so many quality options from the major manufacturers, it’s hard to go wrong. Also, get a quality holster that allows a full firing grip on the handgun and completely covers the trigger. Don’t forget to carry defensive hollow point ammunition and test fire it in your gun. If you have a red dot on your handgun, be sure it’s zeroed as well.
  2. Buy an AR-15. An AR-15 is a force multiplier over a handgun, and it is arguably the best choice to defend your home. Again, the market is full of great options. And while AR-15s can be accessorized without end, be sure to have a light on your carbine, so you can positively identify your target.
  3. Get training and carry, everywhere! First off, GOA is not advocating for any government training requirements or breaking any laws. But as a firearms instructor and church security team leader, I know that carrying a gun is a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Safely and quickly drawing a firearm is a skill that must be practiced, often. For example, a competent gun owner should be able to draw from concealment and make a center mass hit from 6 yards in two seconds. (This is a basic standard. If you can achieve this, push yourself to go faster.) Once you feel competent with a gun, carry it everywhere you go, without exception. Concealed carry means concealed.
  4. Stop the Bleed. It’s great to know how to poke holes, but you may also need to know how to plug them. Thankfully, “Stop the Bleed” and Emergency First Aid Fundamental classes have become wildly popular and affordable. Plus, it’s always a good idea to carry a quality tourniquet and chest seal on your person or in your vehicle. Your quick response may give a wounded person the stopgap treatment needed before the emergency services arrive.
  5. Get involved. Gun owners in Tennessee just fought off a Red Flag Special Session from Governor Bill “Lousy Lee” this past summer. We know that the anti-gunners will be back to continue their push for gun control. Gun owners must be prepared to stop these tyrannical proposals again. In the meantime, sign up for GOA’s free alerts to stay involved and tell your pro-gun friends and family. GOA will again be advocating for true Constitutional Carry and ending gun-free zones, and we need every voice with us in the fight.

If you find any of this information helpful, then please share it with a family member or friend who may need to know this as well.

Stay armed and stay free!

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America

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