June 19, 2024

Send a message to the Judiciary Committee urging them to report Senator Tom Brewer’s Permitless Carry Bill!

Patriots we demonstrated our commitment to the cause of liberty by showing up in significant numbers to the committee hearing on January 26th.

But, we still need to be engaged to ensure that we get Permitless Carry passed in 2023.

Now, let’s push this bill to the next stage!

Recall that Senator Brewer’s bill, while not perfect, does two very important things:

  • It removes the requirement to seek government permission before exercising your constitutionally-protected right to carry a concealed handgun in Nebraska (permitless carry).
  • It will end local gun registration in Omaha and Lincoln by strengthening Nebraska’s firearms preemption law.

In short, Senator Brewer’s Permitless Carry bill is an important step in returning just government to Nebraska.

That’s why I need your help to ensure that we get as many Cornhuskers as possible to contact the Judiciary Committee.

Now is the time to ramp up the pressure!

So, please send a message to the committee members right away demanding they report Permitless Carry!

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