September 30, 2023

[Ayoob] Wali told investigators that he found the [GLOCK] switches in a car he bought, but eventually admitted that he was getting them from a man named “Xavier,” who was identified later as [Xavier Desean] Watson.

An undercover ATF agent then contacted Watson and arranged to purchase 33 conversion device and a 3D-printed AR-15 style rifle. Watson bragged to the agent that he could produce about 400 switches per day on the two 3D printers he had set up in his apartment.

The agent met Watson at his apartment twice, first on Oct. 18 and then on Oct. 26. Both times, Watson showed the agent how to assemble and insert the conversion devices. On the second visit, Watson showed the agent the 3D printers and told the agent he had mailed the devices by concealing them inside a kid’s toy.

ATF officials said that over the course of their investigation, they seized over 650 conversion devices. If Watson is convicted, he faces up to a decade in prison.

[Jose] Corral pleaded guilty on June 22 to unlawful possession of machine guns and was sentenced on Oct. 7 to 57 months in federal prison. [Montavion] Jones pleaded guilty to the same charge on Aug. 24 and is set to be sentenced on Dec. 13. Wali pleaded guilty on Nov. 16 and is set to be sentenced on Jan. 18, 2023. 

— Alex Keller in Fort Worth man arrested for manufacturing machine gun conversion devices

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