June 19, 2024

Join the Fight for Liberty!

Bill Jack is the No Compromise Candidate for Colorado State House of Representatives District 45

GOA is delighted to endorse Bill Jack for State Representative in Colorado’s 45th House District.

When seeking a candidate to fill the shoes of the ardent champion of the Second Amendment, Representative Patrick Neville, one could not find a more suitable replacement for the citizens of the 45th District than this sentinel of liberty.

Bill Jack is that candidate!

A true Founders’ Son, Mr. Jack has lived in Castle Rock for 25 years and has labored in the trenches of education for 24 of those years.

Jack is a passionate teacher of the biblical view of government, law, and liberty. That enthusiasm for just government drove him to co-found the Worldview Academy, which is a Christian youth leadership training program.

Over the past 14 years, Jack has been traveling the nation teaching young Americans about how the Founders’ intended our Constitutional Republic to function and about the deeper meanings associated with our First Principles.

Through his selfless efforts, thousands of young minds have been equipped to think independently about the complex issues that are facing our increasingly fractured nation. Clearly, Colorado needs such a prudent and reasoned voice in the State Legislature.

It is critical for gun owners to know that Jack is an ardent supporter of your Second Amendment rights. He scored 100% on his 2024 GOA candidate survey. 

Here is what Jack had to say in his own words about your Second Amendment rights:

I have no political aspirations other than to guard the liberty of Castle Rock citizens and the citizens of Colorado. I am not a politician, but a father and citizen who has seen the demise of liberty in my lifetime and want to defend what remains, restore what has been lost, and build a legacy of freedom for my children, grandchildren, and the citizens of Colorado… I believe in liberty for all, not liberty for some… The 2nd Amendment is vital for protecting every American’s security in his life and property. It is as important today as ever in our nation’s history, and I will fight against any attempt to infringe upon that right.

Now that is a powerful statement from a stalwart Patriot!

That’s why GOA is endorsing Bill Jack for State Representative in Colorado’s 45th House District.

Early voting for the Republican Primary beings June 3rd!

A vote for Bill Jack is a vote for Freedom!

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