April 24, 2024

Constitutional Carry Bill SB1 Passes the Louisiana House and is Headed to Governor Landry’s Desk!

Constitutional Carry Bill SB 1 by Senator Blake Miguez passed out of the Louisiana House of Representatives by a vote of 76-28 and will now head to Governor Landry’s desk where he is expected to sign Constitutional Carry into law.

TAKE ACTION now and let Governor Landry know that you stand with him in SUPPORT of Constitutional Carry!

SB 1 strengthens the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms by restoring the ability of law-abiding gun owners, 18 years and older, to carry a concealed handgun in Louisiana without a permit.

I would like to thank Senator Miguez for bringing SB 1 this special session and for all of his efforts in getting the bill to Governor Landry’s desk in its current form.

Additionally, I would like to thank Speaker Pro Tempore Mike Johnson for the fantastic job he did in presenting the bill on the House floor, and to all the legislators who supported SB 1, especially Rep. Danny McCormick who has tirelessly fought for Constitutional Carry over the past five years.

Finally, I would like to thank all of GOA’s members and supporters for your efforts this special session in support of your God-given rights.

Because it was Governor Landry who requested that the legislature pass Constitutional Carry, it is all but certain that he will sign SB 1 within the week. As such, I am requesting that you TAKE ACTION one last time during this special session and let Governor Landry know that the people of Louisiana stand with him in support of our Second Amendment rights!

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