June 19, 2024

Act Now to Stop the Tracking of Your Firearms Purchases

The 2024 Wyoming Legislative Session begins on February 12, 2024 with two competing bills proposed to stop the tracking of your firearms purchases.


In the 2023 Session, Representative Allemand (R – Natrona County) introduced a bill that would have lumped firearms purchases into the same category as all sporting goods at the point of sale.

This bill would have made it impossible for state or federal authorities to determine if a purchase involved a firearm or other sporting item like a tent, canoe, or fishing gear.

Anti-gun forces in the 2023 Wyoming Legislature killed Allemand’s bill in Committee.


Representative Allemand is bringing back his legislation again this year, and GOA fully supports his sensible efforts.

However, Representative Barry Crago [R] from Buffalo is running a “fake” Bill that actually does nothing to protect your privacy.

Crago’s bill provides a number of loopholes allowing companies to track your firearms purchases and report those to both state and local authorities.

It is time we demand House and Senate members take real action to protect your privacy and Second Amendment Rights!

PLEASE click here and contact your Representatives and Senators today. 

GOA will work hard to advance this and other pro-Second Amendment Legislation during this Legislative Session, and we will keep you informed about all issues impacting YOUR RIGHTS!

Be on the lookout for more from GOA in the coming days and weeks as we monitor the 2024 Wyoming Legislative Session and continue to fight to protect the Second Amendment!

P.S. Please CLICK HERE to contact your Representatives and Senators. Ask them to support REAL EFFORTS TO PROTECT YOUR FIREARMS PRIVACY.

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