April 24, 2024

Backed up by the anti-gun Left and gun control queen Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, anti-gunners in the Michigan Senate pushed through a bill that determines certain misdemeanor crimes are now grounds for revoking your Second Amendment rights.

Senate Bills 471 and 472 passed through the Senate with the help of Republican traitors Sen. Mark Huizenga and Rep. Michael Webber. Now it is in the House as bill HB 4945.    

Under HB 4945, certain misdemeanor offenses will now constitute an 8-year gun ban in Michigan.  

If the state legislature believes a particular misdemeanor offense renders an individual too dangerous to possess a firearm, the offense should be punished as a felony. Those who are too dangerous to own a gun should not be allowed to roam society freely anyway, because the vast majority of criminals obtain their firearms illegally. 

These are the kind of under-the-table attacks on your rights that Governor Whitmer’s regime has been pushing consistently during her tenure. We need to hold her and all anti-gun legislators responsible for the absolute destruction of our Second Amendment rights in Michigan. 

No other constitutionally-protected right gets revoked as a punishment for a misdemeanor offense.

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