March 2, 2024


“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident, which everybody has decided not to see.” ~ Ayn Rand

An organized, social-media-communicated, two-pronged attack on private businesses by “flash-mobs,” as well as organized caravans of looters, hit the City of Philadelphia last week for several nights.

There are injuries, and the damage is extensive!

Video of these “mostly peaceful” rioters shows men wearing black balaclavas, with hooded faces, and carrying signs proclaiming “Party for Socialism and Liberation.”

Police made a few arrests but otherwise did little to control widespread lawlessness.

Liquor stores in Philadelphia are under mandatory closure.

It looks as if what we saw in 2020 may just have been a rehearsal for what’s coming in the approaching election season!

The radical left (Democrats), seeing their hold on power disintegrating as honorable, productive Americans grow weary of their “war on decency,” have decided that when they can’t hold onto political power, they’ll just burn down what is left.

They’ve done it before!

Political violence is thus the “new normal.” As we see, the radical left has no compunction about employing deadly violence against anyone who dares oppose them.

The rest of us are on our own, as we also see. Stay armed and very dangerous.

“Communism is perpetually ‘just one murder short’ of utopia” ~ Solzhenitsyn


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