June 19, 2024

Once again, a gaggle of progressive politicians shimmied up to Governor Newsom on Tuesday as he signed a bunch of legislation that will – wait for itDO NOTHING.

When it comes to the issue of gun violence, clutching their pearls and whining is what they do best, because tackling the real problem of criminal misuse of guns is simply not in their wheelhouse. Why?  Because keeping responsible, lawful Californians vulnerable is how they can best control us. Frightening, right?

If Newsom and his anti-gun buddies in the Legislature were serious about fixing the problem then they should adjust their sights from responsible gun owners and instead go after the bad guys.  It is  completely within their power to enact legislation that targets the criminals who use guns rather than punishing the lawful. Case in point: they had a terrific opportunity to do just that – pass AB 328 by Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R-Corona), which sought to restore the firearm mandatory 10-20-Life firearms enhancements law (repealed by Democrat Steven Bradford in 2018), ensuring that anyone who brandishes, discharges, or inflicts great bodily injury with a firearm during the commission of a violent felony will be held accountable.

The Democrats took great pleasure in snuffing this bill out – not once, but twice – the first time in committee and then in a smart move to force the issue in an amendment drill on the Assembly Floor.  It was just too radical.  Too extreme – even though it pertained only to “violent” felonies.  Meanwhile, homicide rates rose 9% in 2021 and 75.0% involved a firearm.  The death of this bill notwithstanding, GOC is grateful for legislators such as Essayli who are willing to get out in front of the issue and fight for our right of self-protection.

Of all the statistics Newsom frequently spouts, he conveniently leaves out the part that California also leads the state with the most “mass” shootings. Plus, it is utterly useless to mention deaths by firearms without acknowledging the skyrocketing crime rate in much of the state.  It is also useless to focus on why we must further restrict gun ownership while blowing off what has happened in the aftermath of felony early releases, subsequent recidivism (43% are reconvicted within 3 years of release). These are all factors that must be considered in the whole – each of which has happened while Newsom’s been in charge.

Not one of the over 20 gun-related bills Newsom signed Tuesday will have any impact on the criminal misuse of firearms – and let’s be real here.  Isn’t that the ONLY thing that should matter? How many lives will an excise tax on guns and ammo save? Is that extra money charged at the cash register really going to turn a gang-banger away from legally (ahem) buying some ammo?  How about mandated gun liability insurance or the creation of sensitive areas that prohibit the carrying of a concealed weapon? Zero!  And remember, CCW holders are statistically the most lawful sub-section of the population, yet another fact that Newsom pretends is not true.

And speaking of pretending, Governor Newsom’s closing comment on his gun signing bonanza that California is asserting it’s “leadership and moral authority” has to be the most intellectually bankrupt thing GOC has heard. He must have forgotten that we already have an “assault weapons” ban, a magazine ban, ammo registration, roster of approved guns that limit the number and type of guns that can be owned, red flag laws, microstamping, extended waiting periods, one gun a month, etc and yet…crime still happens – and it’s on his watch.

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