May 24, 2024

With proper tools and training, hitting long-range targets with repeatable accuracy under pressure comes down to total control of the variables—range, ballistics, and environmental conditions—that impact the trajectory of your bullet.

Vortex Impact 4000 Ballistic Rail-Mounted Laser Rangefinder

Meant for precision shooting and open-terrain hunting, the new Impact® 4000 Ballistic Rail-Mounted Laser Rangefinder takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting with quick, accurate ballistic corrections—everything you need to generate point-and-shoot solutions without coming off the gun.

Simple to operate, the Impact 4000 is capable of ranging reflective targets out to 4,000 yards. Delivers atmospheric and weather data, too. Select a preloaded profile or build your rifle’s unique profile. Then all you need to do is range, dial, and shoot.

  • EASY, SOLID MOUNT & ZERO for a quick and reliable zero even under heavy recoil
  • WIND/DROP SOLUTIONS improve accuracy and consistency for a competitive advantage at the range and in the field
  • INTEGRATED GEOBALLISTICS SOLVER backed by a full, up-to-date bullet library
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BALLISTIC PROFILES or use 1 of 10 preloaded profiles
  • ON-BOARD ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS automatically detect changing temperature, air pressure, and humidity for up-to-the second ballistic calculations
  • WIND BEARING CAPTURE MODE keeps track of the wind direction, no matter what direction you’re facing
  • BUILT-IN RANGE CARD GENERATOR delivers ready-to-go ballistics in high-pressure shooting environments
  • CONNECT WITH VORTEX RELAY™ for a seamless, reliable connection with the Bluetooth® remote and GeoBallistics App
  • WEATHER FROM THIRD PARTY DEVICES via the GeoBallistics App

Intuitive to use. Rugged and reliable. Best of all, the Impact® 4000 (MSRP: $2,999.99 / MAP: $1,999.99) functions in places your smartphone can’t for deadly speed and precision no matter where you are.

Watch this product overview video for a deeper dive into all the ways the Impact 4000 can help you shoot farther, faster, and more precise.

Click here to learn more about the advanced features of the GeoBallistics App, and download it for yourself.

Check out the Vortex New Product Portal for a detailed list of the Impact 4000’s technical specifications, frequently asked questions, and high-resolution images and learn more about the Impact 4000 and the growing family of Vortex laser rangefinders.

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