May 24, 2024


It became obvious during the pandemic that Gavin Newsom fancied himself as some grand monarch – extending his scepter and anointing who could do what and where we could do it. But now that his COVID-19 Executive Powers have gone bye-bye, he’s come up with what we are calling Newsom’s Impossible Scheme – and he’s trying to take it national.  In an obvious drill to snag attention for a presidential run, he now wants to ban the most popular firearm in the entire nation by adding an amendment to the United States Constitution.

Such a maneuver can only be regarded as unhinged, by an individual who somehow believes his coiffed hair carries the weight and responsibility of a crown.  The arrogance and abject hubris of this guy is stunning.  Seriously suggesting – via a 28th Amendment – that the rest of the US follow California’s lead in reducing gun violence is kind of like asking a pacifist to lead the military.  And speaking of the military, Newsom’s amendment would also prohibit a huge contingent of active-duty military personnel (under 21) from even being able to purchase a firearm in the US.  Outrageous.

The good news though is that there are a host of reasons why Newsom’s Impossible Scheme won’t happen.  He’s using some funky math if he thinks he can get the required two-thirds of the states to even approve a draft of an amendment at an Article V Convention of the States, let alone the ¾ approval of the states that is required in order for it to be ratified.  That’s a crazy hill to climb given that most states aren’t in the mood for more gun control. In fact, they are moving in the other direction – currently, 27 (and soon to be 28) have instituted constitutional carry, and 24 have signed on to amicus briefs challenging “assault weapons bans” – which is a pretty clear indication that the gun-control crowd is being shut down in a lot of places.  

We are wise to Newsom’s slick infomercial and stage-makeup presentations – he’s obviously comfortable standing atop a pile of gun-control dung, and we see it for what it is.  He’s flinging crap because he thinks the exploitation of tragedy, fear-mongering, and manipulation of data will stick and move people to the political left.  And, although such tactics work to an extent, Newsom may have forgotten that he’s the one who leads the state with the most gun laws and mass shootings; no matter how many times he attempts to deflect the facts, he can’t escape this.  Nor can he escape the fact that his policies of releasing violent criminals onto our streets leave responsible, lawful citizens increasingly vulnerable.  He doesn’t give a rat’s you-know-what about protecting the people from criminal gun violence.  If he did, he would lock the bad guys up and throw away the key instead of targeting the good guys.

This latest run on our freedom led GOC’s Executive Director to comment that “Barack Obama has long been considered the greatest gun salesman of all time and evidently, our governor wants to snatch that title from him.  We wish him well!”

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