May 20, 2024

So, about all these guns bills…

The Legislature is smack in the midst of policy committee hearings and believe it or not, GOC is tracking more anti-gun bills than ever. Last Summer’s Bruen decision caught them with their pants down so the Left quickly moved into high gear, drumming up a host of newfangled ways to mess with the 2A.  They’ve been busy little beavers.

In all seriousness, the Bruen decision launched the gun control crowd into such a fervor that their anger has been visible in the form of obstructive legislation from one end of the country to the other.  How DARE a court – the Supremes, no less – give actual “guidelines” on determining whether a bill meets the Constitutional smell test. On that note, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the vast majority of laws in the Golden State – including those introduced this year – stink the place up big time.

In spite of admonitions from SCOTUS on how to move forward in a post-Bruen world, legislators and leftist politicians continue to stand on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento, clutching their pearls and demanding we DO SOMETHING about the horrors of gun violence.  The problem is, their “do something” is unconstitutional and besides – will do absolutely NOTHING.  They proclaim the tiny Band-Aid they’ve slapped on the bone fracture is going to magically heal the problem at hand; they might feel as if they are helping with some gauze and a squirt of antibiotics, but at the end of the day, the bone is still broken.

Jeff Charles, who writes for Red State puts it in another, far more more clever way:

“The list of things I hate about politics is long and distinguished. But near the top of that list is something I call “feel good legislation.”

100% agree.

“The thing about feel good laws is that, while they make the public get all warm and fuzzy inside, they don’t actually do anything productive. It is the legislative equivalent of cheesecake. Sure it tastes great, but it has little nutritional value.”

Legislative equivalent of cheesecake?  Best.  Description.  Ever.

Charles goes on to write “One of the worst forms of cheesecake legislation is related to gun control. Right now, the left is desperately trying to get Americans on board with further restrictions on lawful gun owners by pretending they will be safer if they do so. Unfortunately, the tactic can be quite effective, especially when there is a high-profile mass shooting in the news.”

California is especially guilty of walking down the “feel good” gangplank. And when it comes to legislative cheesecake, California built the entire factory! None of the over 50 gun-related bills introduced in the Legislature this year would have any impact on the criminal misuse of firearms.  How many lives will an excise tax on guns and ammo save? How about mandated gun liability insurance or the creation of sensitive areas that prohibit the carrying of a concealed weapon?  Absolutely zero. 

Charles closes with “The anti-gun lobby has used the promise of safety to push its agenda. By making people feel that gun control will make them safer, they are able to make these measures more attractive to the public. Unfortunately, this idea has been shown to be false time and time again.”

It’s time to stop the time and money wasted on “feel good” legislation; the only thing it does is give politicians a podium on which they can prop themselves up as the great problem solvers of our day.

To read the full article by Jeff Charles, click HERE.

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