May 24, 2024

Surveillance video showed how Florida Man Edward Alexander Barfield, 35, hid in a porta-potty for hours waiting for the right moment to rob someone outside of a Sanford, Florida bar. When a bartender, Chelsea Putnam, a mother of three, emerged at 2:30 a.m. on Thursday morning after closing, Barfield made his move. Police call it an attempted carjacking, but Barfield viciously assaulting the woman.

“Hands come across my throat. Start strangling me. He wouldn’t let me go and I kind of let out a scream,” she said. He got me on the ground, started bashing my head in, rip my shirt.”

Sanford police said it was an attempted carjacking, but Putnam thinks the stranger had a different motive.

“He picked me up by my neck. And threw me on the ground. My purse and keys were in my hand, and they were dropped. And he just kept on attacking me. That’s why I don’t think it was a carjacking.” 

Unfortunately for the privy-dweller, the bartender’s father had asked her boyfriend to help make sure the woman made it home safely while working late at nigh. And like a lot of folks in Florida, the boyfriend had his carry piece when he showed up after the bar closed.

Seeing his girlfriend on the ground and under attack, he opened fire to end the assault. Mr. Barfield later died behind the bar right next to his porta-potty…which seems kinda fitting.

The bartender, who’s also a college student working on a nursing degree, suffered injuries but is making a full recovery.

Fox35 Orlando has the story . . .

According to police, based on surveillance video, a man jumped out of this portable toilet and tried to steal the employee’s vehicle, and that was when another man, described as the carjacking victim’s boyfriend, shot and killed the alleged carjacker… 

The father of the victim said his daughter suffered mild injuries to her head after the suspect attacked her. He said she is a bartender at George’s Tavern and had just finished her shift. He asked her boyfriend to come by at the end of the night to make sure she got home safely. According to police, when the boyfriend saw what was happening, he removed his gun from his waist and shot the man. 

“Thank God her boyfriend is a special ops guy and come out and saved her life,” Moon said.

Barfield won’t be spending any more time in outhouses, let alone attacking more women in the dark of night.

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