April 24, 2024

Past performance is no indicator of future results. At least that’s the usual disclaimer you get from investment firms. With legislation and regulation though, history may not always repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes. At least it does for those wise enough to listen and watch.

To the surprise of no one, after two high profile mass casualty spree killings in California in three days, the usual cast of radical gun-hating Democrats have tried to dance in the blood of the victims by claiming the problem is…not enough gun control. In California.

Gov. Gavin Newsom called the handgun one of the shooters used a “weapon of war” in a news conference after the second mass murder spree in Half Moon Bay.

California, in case you’re unaware, has the most stringent gun control laws of any state in the union. Stringent enough to earn the state the Giffords civilian disarmament operation’s highest grade.

Among California’s gun rights restrictions on the books are gun bans, registration, waiting periods, red flag laws, universal background checks, magazine bans and capacity limits, ammunition purchase background checks, effective bans on concealed carry in much of the state, bans on campus carry, bans on carry in houses of worship…the list goes on and on.

After the recent shootings in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, one outraged Golden State political hack even called for passage of gun control laws that California already has on the books. No one ever accused low-information politicians of aspiring to become rocket surgeons.

Given the state’s crime problem, it may not seem like California’s endless slate of gun control laws accomplish very much, but there’s one thing they do exceedingly well. They ensure that a large percentage of law-abiding Californians don’t have guns. Or if they do, they’re locked up at home or in their car rather than being carried for personal defense.

After all, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun and that’s the last thing sleazy pols like Gavin Newsom want to see. Politicians and the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex can’t stand that simple “good guy with a gun” statement because they know it’s true.

AWR Hawkins at Breitbart raised a good point last summer in a Twitter post. This came after Everytown for Gun Safety ranked Gruesome Gavin’s state as #1 for “gun safety.”

Where else does California rank #1? According to the FBI, the left coast leads the nation in active shooter incidents.

From Breitbart . . .

An FBI report on ‘Active Shooter Incidents’ in 2021 shows that California was the number one state for such incidents, with six incidents total.

California is also number one for gun law strength, the Mike Bloomberg-affiliated Everytown for Gun Safety noted.

According to the FBI, there were 61 “active shooter incidents” across the country in 2021 and 12 of the incidents met the definition of a “mass killing.”

California led the nation with six “active shooter incidents.”

It’s probably just a coincidence that the state that’s done the most to make itself a “gun-free” zone has had the most active shooter incidents in America.

If gun control worked as well as advocates claim to prevent violent crime, California would stand out as a beacon of peace, love, and tranquility rather than suffering one mass casualty murder spree after another.

No serious person or elected official really thinks that California’s murder sprees and rampant violent crime occurs because of other states’ commitment to the Constitution. California has already enacted every gun control law the gun control industry says it wants for the rest of America. If the many states are truly laboratories of democracy, it’s safe to proclaim California’s experiment in strict gun control a miserable failure.

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