July 20, 2024

The fine folks at Morphy Auctions in Denver, Pennsylvania recently sold a fully-transferrable, fully-automatic FN M240B machine gun. Talk about an object of desire!

First brought online in the late 1970s as a standard vehicle gun, it eventually replaced the venerable M-60. It fires 7.62 x 51mm NATO ammunition and is belt-fed for dispensing lots of ballistic therapy when needed.

While it’s heavy, it’s mighty reliable. And this particular specimen reportedly is pretty close to “unfired” according to the auction description.

From Morphys’s description

Morphy’s is very pleased to offer this utterly fantastic FULLY TRANSFERABLE and exceptionally high condition original U.S. M240B machine gun. Marked on left side of the receiver, “U.S. M240. 11825980 / MACHINE GUN 7.62 MM “, (followed by serial number, contract number, and National Stock Number). The manufacturer is indicated on the left side of receiver near the bottom. Please see detailed photos.

Photo courtesy of Morphy Auctions, www.morphyauctions.com

This machine gun needs no introduction to any who have recently served in the American military or to any American military enthusiasts. The M240B which was selected to replace the M60 machine gun in December 1995. This model, or variations of it depending, on whether it is being carried by soldiers, mounted in ground vehicles, or in helicopters, is now the current modern American military full-sized rifle caliber machine gun in 7.62x51mm NATO. This particular specimen utilizes a wood buttstock. The feed tray is flash-chrome plated. Optic mounting bracket present at the left side of the receiver. Bipod present.

Photo courtesy of Morphy Auctions, www.morphyauctions.com

These guns are extremely scarce in the National Firearms Act Registry, There may be as many 11 fully transferable specimens, and 17 Pre-86 dealer sample guns in the Registry. Electronic NFA Registry indicates “FN (HERSTAL)” as the manufacturer.

Photo courtesy of Morphy Auctions, www.morphyauctions.com

PROVENANCE: From the personal collection of a very discerning and advanced machine gun collector who desires to remain anonymous as he draws down his collection.

Photo courtesy of Morphy Auctions, www.morphyauctions.com

CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is near mint unfired original finish with some slight loss of finish at the contact points where the top cover has been opened and closed, and also at the mount contact points. Wood is near excellent. Pretty much impossible to upgrade the condition of this gun. Bore appears unfired, shiny and bright. Bolt face near excellent. Mechanics are crisp and smooth. This is a full-auto only machine gun. This is an unprecedented public offering of a state-of-the-art modern U.S. military machine gun. For the advanced and forward-thinking investor/collector, this offering combines every desirable element. THIS IS A NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT ITEM AND REQUIRES BATF APPROVAL PRIOR TO TRANSFER. THIS ITEM IS FULLY TRANSFERABLE ON AN ATF FORM 3 OR 4. JWK 2022-11-77

When the gavel finally came down, the high bid for this beauty was…$480,000.

Someone walked away with a wonderful piece of American history for not quite a half-million dollars.

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