June 25, 2024

As we mentioned previously, anti-gun democrats in the State Legislature have been trying to pass an insane anti-gun bill. HB 5855 passed out of the State House on Friday. The Senate will very likely vote on it TODAY, with tomorrow being the deadline.

House Bill 5855 seeks to ban many commonly owned firearms from manufacture or sale, and require all current owners of these guns to register them within the state. Not only does this tyrannical proposition infringe on the rights of all Illinois citizens, but it is also extremely dangerous.

These commonly owned semi-automatic firearms are used countless times every year to save lives and deter crime. Banning them will only prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing the best firearm to defend themselves. Not to mention, the requirement to register currently owned firearms is vehemently unconstitutional.

GOA will be looking into all possible options should this bill become law, but the best way to stop it is now, before it passes. Please urge your State Senator to VOTE NO on HB 5855!

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