May 24, 2024

Ignoring the rule of law and the Supreme Court decision in Bruen, the gun control contingent in Springfield is hellbent on passing a gun and magazine ban before the lame duck session ends Wednesday at noon. Legislators in the House passed SB-2226 in the dead of night. However, due to some parliamentary moves, that bill may not get called for a vote in the Senate.

To remedy that, Illinois’ gun control jihadis, led by rotund Governor J.B. Pritzker, are looking for a House bill to do a “gut and replace” amendment to beat the noon Wednesday deadline.

Right now, they seem to have agreed that semi-auto rifles, shotguns and many popular self-defense handguns would all be banned. Trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters who think all of those black guns are icky and legislators would never come after their clay guns are in for a surprise. The semi-auto shotguns so popular for recoil attenuation while shooting clays would fall into the category of “assault shotguns.”

Those who currently own said guns would be able to register the serial numbers within 300 days after enactment. That allows the Illinois State Police to develop a database to determine which guns will need to be surrendered next year when they pass a bill to close the “existing owner” loophole. Any unregistered naughty guns would then be worth a Class 3 felony (2-5 years) for the first firearm and a Class 2 felony (3-7 years) for each gun over that.

However, those existing owners wouldn’t have many magazines to feed their semi-autos as the bill limits magazine capacity to 12 rounds. All magazines over 12 rounds would have to be destroyed, surrendered, or removed from the state within 90 days. Did you miss one in the back of your safe? That’s a $1000 fine. For the second magazine and each additional one, it’s a Class 4 felony.

Not to be outdone, the bill also bans .50 caliber centerfire rifles and ammunition. The rifles could be registered. Possession of ammunition alone without a registered rifle is good for a Class A misdemeanor…for each cartridge.

What else? Any devices that allow guns to shoot faster are good for 3 to 7 years in prison as a Class 2 felony. That means binary and forced-reset triggers become a big no-no. Of course, GLOCK switches will remain freebies for gang bangers in Chicago as the Soros-funded prosecutor there, Kim Foxx, seldom if ever charges bad guys who are caught with them.

Image by Boch via Twitter (Chicago Police 5th District, Calumet City)

Remember, a while back a single Windy City police district (one of 25) confiscated seven switch-equipped guns in a single day with nary a mention of any prosecutions. Welcome to criminal justice reimagined.

Todd Vandermyde, the former National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action contract lobbyist, shared an update on his “Freedom’s Steel” YouTube channel.

Time will tell what passes ahead of the noon Wednesday deadline. For those wishing to help with our legal fund to hire competent legal counsel to block the implementation of SB-2226 or similar legislation, here’s where you can go to help.

Guns Save LifeFFL-IL, the Illinois House Freedom Caucus and others have formed a coalition to fight this. We’ve identified potential individual plaintiffs, partnered with some outstanding legal teams and plan to seek a remedy to this patently unconstitutional gun control law when the governor signs it into law.

Donations can be sent to FFL-IL’s fund dedicated to paying our Illinois legal representation. Also, donors can contribute to the Second Amendment Law Center. All tax deductible donations to the SALC from Illinois and all that specify helping Illinois will be earmarked for Chuck Michele’s firm to backstop our Illinois lawyers.

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