May 20, 2024

Leave it to losers to exploit junk science to further their illegitimate efforts to ban gun ownership for law-abiding citizens. The latest effort to strip away gun rights from Americans involves closing something the gun-haters are calling the “misdemeanor loophole.”

To back their case, they’re touting “research” that claims, well, you can probably guess: we could all enjoy nothing but whirled peas and perpetual rainbows if we just closed this latest loophole.

Not so long ago, the RAND organization found that just 123 of 27,900 gun control studies followed rigorous scientific method. And of those that followed scientific methods, only a handful affirm the effectiveness of gun control laws.

How bad were these “studies”? Bad enough that using them to support claims that gun control actually prevents criminal misuse of guns is less scientifically accurate than claiming drinking milk causes car accidents.

So, here’s the latest junk study produced by the anti-gun org 97Percent. Someone named Nadine El-Bawab at ABC News reports that the 97Percent-produced “research” shows that banning gun ownership for those convicted of violent misdemeanors, along with ending private gun sales and mandating universal background checks are what we really need to end “gun violence”…

How closing the violent misdemeanor loophole could curb gun violence

Newly released research suggests four gun safety policies supported by gun owners and non-gun owners that could reduce overall gun-related homicides by 28% and gun-related suicides by 6.7%. One of the proposals alone, called closing the misdemeanor loophole, has the potential to reduce overall gun-related homicide rates by as much as 19% according to research.

“It has the potential to reduce”…blah blah blah? Sure it does. And those percentages are as solidly based in fact as Jussie Smollet’s MAGA country claim.

I hate to be he bearer of bad news for the folks at 97Percent, but there’s a new gun control precedent in town and it’s name is Bruen.

Amazingly, the ABC News report still touts the effectiveness of “may issue” carry laws to reduce violent crimes…a scheme which give bureaucrats discretion over he exercise of a constitutional right. May-issue is fundamentally unconstitutional and was the matter at the heart of the Bruen decision.

Ms. El Bawab would probably lose her job if she reported that there was no common historical precedent for banning felons from having firearms ownership in 1791, much less misdemeanors of any sort.

It doesn’t matter how many junk science studies that bought-and-paid-for junk scientists manage to slide in front of mainstream media outlets and over-eager reporters to induce them to spill more digital ink to promote gun control. It simply doesn’t matter.

Because just as Roe v. Wade pretty much killed off regulations limiting access to abortion for fifty years, the Bruen precedent will do much the same with gun control.

But thanks for playing, ABC News.

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