May 24, 2024

In San Antonio, Texas, a man saw his mother viciously attacked by his stepfather and demanded the attack stop. Unfortunately a sternly-worded warning failed to end the assault. That’s when the man accessed a firearm and repeated his demand for Dear Ol’ Stepdad to quit pummeling the woman.

When that failed, the son opened fire, striking his mother’s attacker a number of times. The attack was stopped and the stepdad is now resting not-so-comfortably in critical condition.

KENS5 has the story . . .

The shooting happened around 11:45 p.m. on Thursday at a home in the 1000 block of Center Street on the city’s east side.

Police said an argument took place between the husband and wife. At some point, the woman’s son reportedly saw the man assault her.

That’s when the son grabbed a gun and shot the step-dad several times as he demanded he quit hitting his mother, SAPD said. Then, the son ran off.

Stop. Bang. Hitting. Bang. My.  Bang. Mother.  Bang.  Now!  Bang.

The man was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. He’s in his 50s. Authorities said he could be facing assault charges.

In other words, the attacker lived.

Authorities said the son could be facing deadly conduct charges because when he opened fire, one of the bullets went into a neighbor’s home. 

Whoever the “authorities” were who spouted that bit of nonsense either doesn’t know what they are talking about or there was some as yet unreported negligence on the part of the young man who was protecting his mother from a vicious attack.

Unless the person using force in self-defense is reckless or negligent in discharging their firearm to save their lives, it is highly unlikely they will face any culpability for errant shots that don’t strike innocent bystanders. Yes, they might be sued civilly, but charged criminally? Not unless they were reckless or negligent in firing shots that a reasonable and prudent person wouldn’t have fired.

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