July 20, 2024

GOC Front and Center in Opposition to AB 2917 and AB 3064

Anyone going into the Capitol building in Sacramento is required to go through security which involves a scenario much like the TSA operation at airports.  The one big difference, though is getting on an airplane does not mandate you leave your brain in the parking lot.

This, however, is what is required under the dome – as a general rule.  Now, not everyone engaged in public-policy making has checked their common sense at the door, but the majority certainly have. As it currently stands, we are run by a bunch of cowardly ‘fraidy cats who think they are going to take a bite of the crime epidemic by going after the lawful – like that makes any sense at all.

While we have greatly whittled down the number of asinine anti-gun bills the legislature threw on the wall to see what would stick, a few are hanging around and GOC’s Sam Paredes was in Senate Public Safety this week to breathe come common sense on AB 3064 and AB 2917 into the powers that be.  It may have been a frustrated breath, but it’s kind of hard not to be aggravated in the midst of legislative word vomit.

AB 3064 is a “gotcha” bill that authorizes the Department of Justice to charge an annual fee on manufacturers who sell any firearm device listed on their safety roster and here’s the kicker:  if one of these devices falls off the certified list, guess who’s in trouble? The responsible gun owner!  This is just back-asswards, since there are no issues with the current requirements.  Given the hostility that DOJ regularly shows the gun-owning community, we have to wonder whether they will send out the “Gun Lock Police” for those who are out of compliance. Meanwhile, when it comes to the ubiquitous smash and grabs or violent campus protesters, charges are dropped – if they are even filed!  Will someone who has a formerly certified gun lock be given such latitude?


And then there’s AB 2917 by Assemblyman Zbur.  This is the one that expands the conditions under which a Gun Violence Restraining Order can be issued to include highly subjective criteria such as what some might call “violent” speech. It really is too bad that there’s no “truth-o-meter” at the Capitol because that baby would be buzzing 24-7.  Zbur loudly proclaimed that the multitudes of Gun Violence Retraining Orders have saved multitudes of lives – yet in reality, there is absolutely no way to quantify this.  That being said, Sam Paredes reminded the committee that American flags are triggering (especially to hard-line Leftists) so what’s to prevent some anti-gun nut from requesting a GRVO if there’s a pick-up truck with Old Glory parked in their neighborhood?  The bottom line is that AB 2917 is an offensive, anti-free speech, anti-due process and anti-2A bill.  Unfortunately, the committee ignored Sam’s reasoned objections.

It might have been just “another day at the office” for GOC but that is what we do:  no matter what garbage is slung at us, we will continue to stand strong in defense of the Second Amendment and in the face of those eager to destroy the very foundations of liberty.

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