June 19, 2024

GOA Utah Endorsements Revoked!

Utah is on the Road to Serfdom!

I regret to inform you that Utah State Legislators Trevor Lee (R, House District 16), Tim Jimenez (R, House District, 28), and Colin Jack (R, House District 73) have compromised by consistently voting against your God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Because of these violations of their sacred duty to protect the “blessing of liberty,” Gun Owners of America is revoking their endorsements. For GOA, the following egregious proofs are more than sufficient to justify the revocation.

Please click here to read our in-depth breakdown on every single piece of firearms legislation that GOA reviewed to make this determination!

Frederick Douglas considered the ballot box to be the principal mechanism that transformed a former slave into a citizen within our Constitutional Republic and that the ballot was indispensable in the continual struggle to maintain a just government. That’s why GOA needs you to exercise your right to redress your government officials when they betray their fundamental duty to safeguard your rights.

Let’s us not mince words. Mirroring the tactics employed by the socialists during the Rocky Mountain Heist that brought Colorado under the yoke of communism, Utah (over the last two legislative sessions) has begun to quicken its pace as the legislature runs headlong down the road to serfdom.

The ONLY way infringements upon your God-given rights can pass is with Republican support.

It is essential for the citizens of Utah to know that these representatives claimed on their surveys to be ardent supporters of your Second Amendment rights. Yet, once in office, they chose to compromise and renege upon their contract with you to hold the line in defense of our cherished liberties.

Sadly, these legislators, whether knowingly or unwittingly, have join with the socialist cabal to tread upon your fundamental rights. When Republicans compromise on essential liberties and vote for edicts that they perceive to be a strengthening of law and order, what they are actually doing is further entrenching a totalitarian state.

Moreover, such votes demonstrate that the legislators within Utah do not possess the requisite knowledge of our Nation’s First Principles to govern justly. Our guiding principles, as articulated within the Declaration, exist as timeless beacons of truth that ought to inform the conduct of elected officials at all levels of the government. Accordingly, these votes are a clear demonstration of their lack comprehension the original intent of our founding legal documents, which so clearly condemns such lawlessness within the legislature.

A government that forces the citizenry to ask permission before exercising their God-given rights or, through a convoluted web of edicts and regulations, denies the citizenry their essential liberties, is one that views our cherished freedoms as mere privileges to be revoked at their impulsive authoritarian whims.

While it is true that the multitude of issues facing our fractured polity are much deeper than any pragmatic political solutions can attempt to resolve and penetrate far beyond what one state level office holder can address, there must be accountability for those elected officials who falter or intentionally fail to govern justly.

Mercifully, Jefferson offers us a path forward by restoring the foundations of our Republic at the local level. Therefore, our restoration effort must begin with the Sovereign States and County governments adhering to their mandate to defend the liberties of their citizens by opposing unconstitutional edicts that infringe upon our God-given rights.

Ultimately, however, the responsibility rest with “We the People” – If your elected representatives fail to uphold the Rule of Law, then it is your duty to voice your displeasure with that failure and throw your support behind a candidate who, no matter how withering the pressure becomes, will stand in the breach for what Ezra Taft Benson called “our three great loyalties” – God, Family, and Country.

GOA forthrightly strives to adhere to these tenets – Hence, we diligently work to ensure that our endorsement is not polluted by political expediency, which compromises our adherence to the Nation’s First Principles and the Rule of Law because they are the pillars that form the temporal structures that under-gird our God given right to defend life, liberty, and property with arms.

With that said, there must also be grace for those who are working towards the good by learning what is true and then modifying their behavior to reflect the incorporation of that change in their worldview. Once such changes are publicly discernible then grace is freely given, and the elected official can once again be eligible for endorsement.

Until such a restoration occurs and in order for our constitutional republic to function as envisioned by the Framers, the citizenry must be informed about the actions of their elected officials.

Be an informed voter and read for yourself GOA’s justification for the endorsement revocation. 

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