June 19, 2024

Gun Owners of America promised you that we would fight to stop the ATF from imposing its Universal Background Check rule before it was set to take effect TODAY.

So, GOA took Biden’s ATF to court to protect your God-given rights – and with just HOURS to go until the rule was set to go into effect, a Texas judge partially granted GOA’s request for a nationwide Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).

Until June 2, members of Gun Owners of America are protected from the ATF’s tyrannical rule that would force citizens like you either to comply with an unconstitutional background check or face criminal prosecution.

But now the real fight begins…

GOA will not stop fighting until EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN is free – indefinitely – from this unconstitutional rule that paves the way for a national gun registry.

Right now, this TRO only applies to GOA members, plus the two state groups that have joined us, and the state of Texas.

Of course, we are fighting to protect EVERY American gun owner. But many times, judges are hesitant to apply their decision beyond the parties in the lawsuit—for example, to more than GOA and its members.

That’s why we have to keep fighting. Even so, you better believe that Biden ATF’s taxpayer-funded lawyers will fight this decision tooth and nail, and keep appealing until they get their way.

But so long as we’re backed by grassroots donors like you, GOA’s legal team will be able to shut them down at every turn and ensure that your constitutional rights are fully protected.

We’re committed to seeing this fight through to the bitter end – are YOU?

Please make a contribution to our Legal Defense Fund to ensure we have every resource we need to KEEP UP THE FIGHT against Biden’s ATF as they attempt to shred your Second Amendment rights.

While the ATF’s lawyers use taxpayer funds to wage war on your rights, GOA’s legal team relies on your generosity. That’s why we ensure 100% of your donations goes to fighting the ATF.

I also want our recent victory to send a message to every squishy member of Congress who wrongly believes that we must drop to our knees and surrender our God-given rights to the rabid anti-gun lobby.

As we just witnessed, when we have the courage to stand up and fight for our God-given rights, WE WIN.

You can have faith that GOA will always maintain a NO COMPROMISE stance when it comes to fighting for the Second Amendment.

A temporary restraining order until June 2 is not enough. We will keep fighting until the rule is ripped to shreds.

And meanwhile, the Biden Administration will use YOUR taxpayer dollars to fund its army of ATF lawyers to appeal and appeal and appeal until it gets its way.

They will try anything they can to ensure this rule fully goes into effect, requiring background checks on the private sales of firearms, paving the way for a backdoor national gun registry.

And we all know what happens next…

…Once they know you have a gun, then they try to confiscate it.

But with your support, we will keep beating the Biden ATF lawyers in court every step of the way and ensure we can remain in this fight until we’ve declared a complete and total VICTORY for your Second Amendment rights.

So please, make a contribution to our Legal Defense Fund to ensure we have every resource we need to go toe-to-toe with the Biden ATF’s lawyers and deliver a victory for YOUR God-given rights in court.

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