May 20, 2024

Join the Fight for Liberty!

Vote for Your Montana Second Amendment Champions to Secure your Right to Keep & Arms!

GOA is pleased to endorse these stalwart defenders of your God-given rights for the Montana State Senate and House!

Becky Beard: Senate District 38
Lee Deming: House District 54
Paul Fielder: House District 14
Steven Galloway: House District 20
Jane Gillette: House District 77
Dave Kesler III: House District 76
Theresa Manzella: Senate District 44
Braxton Mitchell: House District 05

These salt of the earth Americans have a relentless passion to defend the God-given right of the citizens of Montana to preserve life, liberty, and property with arms.

It is essential for gun owners to know that these representatives are ardent supporters of your Second Amendment rights. Naturally, they excelled within the crucible of GOA’s rigorous endorsement process that re-enforces our No Compromise mission statement and scored 100% on their Candidate Surveys. 

That’s why GOA is endorsing these patriotic Americans for Montana State Senate & House. So, be sure to vote for them in the primary election by June 4th

The Founders envisioned the right to self-defense and its corollaries, such as the right to hunt, to be liberties enjoyed by all people equally. This right was not only identified by the Founders of our Great Nation as a core liberty that is fundamental to our humanity, but also, because of its essential importance as the means to secure the trinity of liberties, they prudently enumerated it within the Constitution.

In fidelity to those First Principles and observing the many challenges afflicting this Nation, each of these men and women have chosen to serve within the State legislature in order to defend their communities from the foreign ideology that is threatening the very foundations of our Constitutional Republic.

Spurred on by their sense of civic duty, these men and women seek to restore the nation’s foundation by preserving the rugged individualism that lays at the heart of American spirit, as well as the “blessing of liberty” gifted to us by our forebears.

If we wish to have a rebirth of liberty within this nation, we must passionately strive to preserve these cherished gifts of liberty from our Creator. That effort begins within the Sovereign States by electing statesmen and women, who will adhere to their sacred duty to defend the liberties of their citizens by repealing unconstitutional laws that infringe upon our rights.

Yet, in order for these men and women to know you will support them in the continual fight to safeguard liberty, you must perform your civic and moral duty to resist tyranny with the pen, as well as at the ballot box.

So, let us send them to Helena with a clear mandate to Hold the Line and to advance the cause of human flourishing!

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