April 24, 2024

Gun Owners Must Urge Veto

Dear friend,

The anti-gunners in the legislature have sent many anti-gun bills to Gov. Glenn Youngkin, and many are on the way.

Legislation such as HB 2, which is one of the worst “assault weapon” ban bills ever introduced, could become law if gun owners are silent.

Even if you have previously called or emailed, now is the time to double down and contact Youngkin again.

I am personally asking you to contact Gov. Youngkin to urge his veto. Have you done your part?

In addition to HB 2, anti-gunners seek to:

  • ban magazines that hold more than ten rounds.
  • expand gun-free zones.
  • restrict open carry.
  • make obtaining a concealed handgun permit harder.
  • expand the prohibitors for gun ownership.
  • require waiting periods and training for gun ownership.
  • remove young adult’s right to own guns.
  • and much more!

Your actions could determine if Gov. Youngkin will veto these bills. Please speak up right away!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America

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