April 24, 2024

Senators and Representatives Duke it Out on House Bill 3594

There has been no shortage of drama in this battle for Constitutional Carry recently.

As you may know, the State House and State Senate have passed different versions of Constitutional Carry this year.

The House version is clean Constitutional Carry and restores your right to carry a gun without government permission.

The Senate version is loaded down with anti-gun amendments and is unpalatable to gun owners.

Because of the passage of different bills, a conference committee of three Senators and three Representatives will now quarrel over this bill.

The Senate committee includes pro-gun Sen. Shane Martin, turncoat RINO Sen. Shane Massey, and Democrat Sen. Brad Hutto. The House committee includes Representatives Bobby Cox, Micah Caskey, and Justin Bamberg.

These six elected officials need to hear from you immediately to reject the poison pills included by the Senate and put the clean, House-passed version on Gov. Henry McMaster’s desk.

Please contact the conference committee right away!

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