June 19, 2024

Roanoke Removes Ban on Carry

Dear friend,

With all of the bad news coming out of Richmond, I have a little bit of good news from Roanoke.

Recently, GOA, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, and others, sued Roanoke after the city banned guns in parks and permitted events.

Last night, the Roanoke City Council — perhaps from pressure from GOA’s lawsuit — amended their Ordinance to repeal the gun bans. However, there was discussion potentially bringing the ban back in the future.

And while it remains to be seen how GOA’s case will proceed, gun owners can rejoice that the ban is gone, for now.

You can rest assured that GOA will continue to fight against all threats to your rights, whether that’s in the courts, legislature, or elective process. Consider joining or renewing your membership with GOA to support our efforts.

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America

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