May 20, 2024

The Giffords group is at it again with their anti-gun rhetoric. Most of the time, it’s not worth commenting on, but this time, they’ve revealed themselves in a way that must be called out. If only their members would recognize how they are being misled.

The interesting thing about these anti-gun groups is that they have found a way to make human violence the fault of the gun and completely remove the responsibility from destructive people who commit acts of violence by pulling the trigger. It becomes blatantly obvious very quickly, that the anti-gun crowd is purposely avoiding the reality that “human beings” are the cause of violence in our culture. By using the gun as a scapegoat, they can use human violence to boost their anti-gun argument.

In a tweet on November 10, 2023, Giffords wrote, “Everyone deserves the right to live their life free from violence.” Although this is a nice thought, and it would be great if we could live in a world where there was no violence, the entire premise of the quote is false.

The truth is no one has the right to be free from violence. Using the word “deserves” appeals to the entitlement-minded. Our founding fathers recognized this, which is why they wrote the 2nd Amendment into the Bill of Rights.

Human beings do not have the right to be free from violence; they do, however, have the right to “protect” themselves from violence. The confusing and manipulative way these gun-grabbing, left-wing funded organizations convince people of such things is borderline criminal because people who can’t think for themselves are encouraged to believe that they have the “right” to violate the rights of others if their imaginary “rights” are being violated.


The way Giffords uses violence in America is despicable. This misleading idea that somehow people have the right to be free of violence, implies that government should step in and remove the right of people to keep and bear arms, because somehow this made up “right,” to live in a world free from violence overrides the God-given right of people to protect themselves, but isn’t that typical of those who believe they are superior to God.

The Giffords post goes on to say, “while the Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week, we made sure they heard our voices too. We must disarm domestic violence.” This part of the statement is especially interesting because it implies that Giffords is standing up for domestic violence. It implies that the gun grab Giffords and other anti-gun groups are participating in is protecting women from domestic violence. The exact opposite is true.

When groups like Giffords, Everytown, Moms Demand, and March For Our Lives convince their ill-informed followers that guns should be removed from society to stop domestic violence, what they are doing is putting more women in danger by encouraging Legislatures to enact more gun restrictions that ultimately end up disarming women. Somehow, Giffords and other anti-gun groups have convinced their supporters to believe that being unarmed and helpless is a good condition to be in.

If Giffords really wanted to empower women and protect them from domestic violence, they would encourage them to become gun owners, train, and always carry a firearm. They don’t.

They do, however, use violent domestic attacks as a tool to push for more gun regulations on law-abiding American citizens while convincing women to fear guns. It would appear that the gun-grabbing groups would prefer more domestic violence and more deaths by gun because it gives them fuel to push for more gun regulations.

Imagine how negatively impacted the gun grabbers’ anti-gun fear campaign would be if domestic violence went away. The reality is they would have no justification for gun restrictions under the guise of “domestic violence” if women were to put an end to domestic violence by arming themselves. Until then, Giffords and others will continue to use domestic violence to benefit their political agenda while keeping women in a perpetual state of gun fear and unarmed helplessness.

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Dan Wos
Dan Wos

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