June 19, 2024

President Biden recently initiated the next massive attack on your gun rights.

Without Congress even passing a new law, the president’s cronies at ATF are initiating backdoor Universal Registration Checks and warrantless searches for your firearms, if you choose to sell even one firearm for profit.

Of course, Gun Owners of America stands ready to file a lawsuit as soon as any final rule takes effect, but this rule won’t be final until the ATF has completed the rulemaking process.

Right now, we’re in the public comment phase. GOA’s attorneys are drafting comments that GOA will submit—and we will reference our members’ comments if we are forced to file a lawsuit. So taking action today will be extremely helpful to winning in court!

That’s why we’re asking all gun owners to participate in this public comment period.

Please, TAKE ACTION and comment against the latest ATF gun control rule.

According to this new proposed rule, “even a single firearm transaction, or offer to engage in a transaction… may be sufficient to require a license” from the ATF.

You read that right, ATF might lock you up for being “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms” if you merely offer to sell a single firearm!

✅ Don’t like the way the gun you ordered feels in your hand?

✅ Shouldn’t have purchased that new firearm on an impulse?

✅ Need cash more than the safe queen collecting dust?

✅ Wife tell you to sell a gun before you can buy that new one?

Well, before you can sell your own personal property, you’ll now need a “federal firearms license”—A.K.A. permission from ATF to engage in protected Second Amendment activity.

And of course, what would a new ATF rule be without criminal consequences for you, the law-abiding gun owner?

Dealing in firearms without a license can get you five years in a federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

And be careful around holidays and birthdays. ATF won’t rule out the possibility of charging you with a federal crime even if you sell a single heirloom firearm to an immediate family member!

This is just a backdoor way to require Universal Registration Checks on all firearms.

We need as many gun owners as possible to comment on the ATF rule. So please add your name to our pre-written letter and submit your comment now!

This rule change is truly an attack on your Second Amendment rights.

You cannot exercise your right to keep and bear arms if you cannot buy and sell firearms. Spending numerous hours and hundreds of dollars to receive a federal license and, after that, engaging in overbearing recordkeeping just to sell grandad’s shotgun, is not what the Founders had in mind.

That’s why the Second Amendment necessarily protects your right to purchase and sell firearms free from infringement (like oversight, registration paperwork, and monitoring) by the federal government.

Of course, that isn’t stopping Joe Biden or the ATF!

Now, ATF wants every virtually every gun owner who sells a firearm to:

❌ register with the federal government;

❌ submit a photo;

❌ submit your fingerprints;

❌ notify your local police chief;

❌ comply with local zoning laws (which may be impossible);

❌ get approved for your may-issue license;

❌maintain regular business hours;

❌submit to warrantless ATF inspections, without notice;

❌ pay $90-$3,000 in licensing fees every three years;

❌ fill out a Firearm Transaction Record (Form 4473) for each transfer;

❌ call the FBI or the state police before transferring a firearm;

❌ keep a registry of every gun in your inventory; and

❌ ultimately, turn over the registry you are forced to create to ATF’s billion-record database.

Even after you get the government’s permission to exercise your Second Amendment right to buy and sell firearms, you’ll be subject to extreme and continuing scrutiny by federal agents.

If you forget to dot one “i” or cross a single “t” then the Biden Administration will “Zero Tolerance” you with their newly minted “zero tolerance” license revocation policy!

You can be sure they will revoke your license in a heartbeat for even a single mistake.

And guess what? By going through the licensing process to become a “dealer,” you will have to open your home to ATF agents and be subjected to warrantless searches as often as once a year.

You also risk losing your license or even jail time if you fail to:

🔒 keep your guns in inventory secured;

📄 keep PERFECT registration records;

👮‍♂️ let ATF inspect your gun registration records; or

📵 answer ATF phone calls about gun records within 24 hours.

The obvious goal of this new plan hatched by the Biden Administration is to make the exercise of your Second Amendment right to sell a firearm as difficult as possible.

And Biden knows that, if he can make millions of gun owners become federally licensed and then revoke those licenses, you won’t be allowed to exercise that freedom ever again!

Please add your name to our prewritten letter and tell ATF that this gun control is an infringement on your gun rights!

On the flip side, ATF’s new proposed rule also affects your ability to purchase a firearm without any registration paperwork, because there will be few if any private sales in which to acquire firearms without Big Brother looking over your shoulder.

That’s why GOA rightly calls this Universal Registration Checks, and not just backdoor Universal Background Checks.

There are many valid reasons that a law-abiding citizen might wish to avoid a background check or visiting a commercialized gun store when purchasing a new firearm.

But it doesn’t matter why a gun owner might want to purchase a firearm without a background check. We have a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs.

All these ATF bureaucrats and politicians need to realize is that it is your RIGHT to purchase (and sell) firearms, and that Americans don’t need to ask the government for permission to exercise their rights.

Tell ATF that your firearm purchases and sales are NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!

Thank you for commenting against this tyrannical rule by the ATF.

Your public comment could help GOA’s case when we file our lawsuit.

We’ll keep you updated on ATF’s backdoor Universal Registration Check rule as it progresses.

P.S. Please distribute this alert to your pro-gun family and friends, and encourage them to submit comments against these tremendous infringements. To renew your GOA membership or to join for the first time, please click here.

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