April 12, 2024

Philadelphia, PA – An argument between two political canvassers in Philadelphia took a deadly turn on Monday when one of them opened fire in self-defense, resulting in the death of 46-year-old Eddie Brokenbough. The incident occurred during a canvassing effort for a political campaign in the East Germantown neighborhood.

“Brokenbough was the first to pull out a gun — which was not registered to him — but the 22-year-old was the first to strike.”

Brokenbough, a father of 10 who worked with One PA since 2021, was prohibited from legally carrying a firearm because of an earlier conviction after he shot a man in the arm for speaking to his girlfriend in 2012.” reported the nypost.com.

The shooter, a 22-year-old campaign worker, was a licensed concealed carry holder and is cooperating with the investigation, as reported by NBC10.

The shooting has raised questions about the policies of the organization “One PA,” which employed Brokenbough. One PA, a politically progressive nonprofit, has a strict no-guns policy for its staff members. However, it was revealed that the shooter had a valid permit to carry a firearm, highlighting a discrepancy between the organization’s policy and the actions of its employees that saved a life.

Unable to even acknowledge the paradox of banning life-saving tools, a spokesperson for One PA droned on about their condolences and sympathy for Brokenbough’s family, calling it a tragic loss and vowing to gather all the facts surrounding the incident. One PA’s co-executive director, Sage Cruz, released a statement reiterating their policy that guns are strictly prohibited in their offices and during canvassing activities. Cruz emphasized that they would review and reinforce this policy to ensure compliance.

The organization has temporarily suspended its canvassing efforts. Sage Cruz further expressed their commitment to supporting the affected staff and respecting the wishes of Brokenbough’s family despite his apparent prior felony conviction[as yet unconfirmed] and his illegally carrying a handgun.

One PA’s endorsement of Helen Gym, a mayoral candidate in the Philadelphia primary election, adds another layer of twist to the situation. Gym was quick to distance herself from One Pa and Brokenbough.

Releasing a statement expressing her devastation upon learning of the “tragic death.” While clarifying that the dead guy was not directly associated with her campaign, she extended her sympathies to Brokenbough’s family and the One PA community. Still, she failed to acknowledge the life saved or express any sympathy for what the CCW holder is now going through.

The shooting should reignite debates surrounding the negative outcomes of gun policies within organizations that disarm their employees and the broader implications that more guns mean added public safety. Critics argue that incidents like this underscore the need for organizations to reevaluate their no-guns policies and consider potential consequences. Proponents of strict gun control, on the other hand, maintain that successful outcomes like these should not overshadow the importance of disarming the public and manufacturing gun-free environments that endanger everyone.

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