April 12, 2024

Join GOA Staff in Nashville at the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention

Join Gun Owners of America (GOA) staff at the 2023 National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention and Sport Show in Nashville.


The exhibit hall is open Thursday, February 16 through Saturday, February 18, 2023 and features vendors, speakers, and a wealth of hunting-related content (click here for more information).

Please be sure to stop by GOA’s booth (#1222) during the course of the event to pick up GOA Second Amendment Hunters information and free souvenirs. Staff will be providing information about how GOA works every day to protect and defend your Second Amendment Rights as well as the American Hunting Tradition.

Our motto for our Second Amendment Hunters Program is “The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, but hunters should be about the Second Amendment.”  We understand that the Founding Fathers did not write the Second Amendment to protect the ability to hunt, but we also understand that all hunters must band together to protect their gun rights and their hunting rights in this rapidly changing world.

GOA will have five staff members in attendance, including our Tennessee Director Jo Staats, Southeast Regional Director Jordan Stein, Membership Director Megan Browning, Events Coordinator Jennifer Lewis, and Grassroots and Industry Liaison Stephen Willeford.

Stephen made national headlines by stopping the tragic church shooting at Sutherland Springs, Texas, so please be sure to stop by our booth and hear his story.

Merriam’s Subspecies of the American Wild Turkey in the Wyoming Black Hills

As our members and supporters know, GOA is on the frontlines defending the right to keep and bear arms every day. We have performed this mission since 1976 and have become known in Washington as America’s “No Compromise” Second Amendment Rights Group.

Our Second Amendment Hunters Program is in its second year.  Our mission is to educate and mobilize hunters to be active Second Amendment supporters, recruit hunters to become politically active, combat Second Amendment apathy within the hunting community, demonstrate the safe and ethical use of firearms in hunting, and most importantly to protect the American hunting tradition and ensure hunting opportunities for all hunters!

To learn more about Second Amendment Hunters, please check out our brochure at this link, and don’t forget to stop by our booth (location GOA Booth #1222) at the NWTF Convention over the next few days.  Say hello to GOA staff who are working every day to protect our Second Amendment Rights and the American hunting tradition.

P.S. Please be sure to come out and join GOA staff in Nashville and remember our motto, “The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, but hunters should be about the Second Amendment.”

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