May 24, 2024

Liberty Betrayed!

Republicans Fail to Oppose Sweeping Gun Control!

Colorado Republicans Stab Their Constituents in the Back

by Abandoning the Fight to Oppose Gun Control!

Before we get to the other bad news, H.B. 1165 is up for the final vote TOMORROW!!!

I am extremely troubled to report that the Colorado House Republicans failed to put up even the slightest bit of resistance yesterday during the second floor debate concerning the decidedly unconstitutional H.B. 1165. You are encouraged to view the “debate” here (Time: 44:00-52:22).

This legislation would allow County Commissioners to ban backyard target practice and other lawful uses of firearms on private property. The only requirement is that the County would have to hold a citizen public hearing.

Perhaps we should ask how well a public hearing worked out for the citizens living in Front Range cities like Broomfield. While one of the nation’s First Principles is the recognition of majority rule, that majority must respect the liberties of the minority because our liberties are reciprocal in nature. If a majority chooses to disregard the rights of a given minority, then said minority is not bound to respect those of the majority.

Regrettably, once again, not one Republican spoke at length about the First Principles they supposedly “fight” for, which demonstrates that they have no obvious understanding of our nation’s deference to natural rights that are so eloquently articulated within The Declaration of Independence.

If Republicans refuse to engage in true opposition, and, as might be the case, leadership won’t allow the rank and file to resist this type of blatant tyranny when it so clearly violates the Second Amendment as well as private property rights, what will they do when the so-called “Assault Weapons” ban comes up for debate?

It is abundantly clear from the “debates” surrounding H.B. 1165, that the Republicans, for whatever reason, are shockingly disorganized and lack the willingness to even put up a semblance of a fight. Friends, this legislation is the first of many inbound infringements, and hopefully the Republicans’ handling of this debate is not an indicator of future backsliding.

Sadly, from this dismal resistance effort, can we expect most Republicans to roll over on to their bellies and wet themselves in front of the Democrats as a sign that they are not going to oppose their radical socialist agenda.

That is a strange approach considering the vast majority of those same Republicans ran for office with slogans that unequivocally indicated that they were going to “hold Denver accountable,” and boasted about how they were heading to the Golden Dome to “halt the radical socialist transformation of Colorado.” After the performance of the last two days, Republican opposition may be just that, a poorly conducted off Broadway production entitled “The Road to Serfdom.”

Instead of morally courageous statesmen and women hard-bitten with true Western Grit, we have ineffectual people clumsily proposing amendments that lack any foundation within the principles that form the bedrock of our American Constitutional Republic. With that said, Representatives Scott Bottoms (R-HD15), Ken DeGraaf (R-HD22), Ty Winter (R-HD47), Don Wilson (R-HD20), Ryan Armagost (R-HD64) and Anthony Hartsook (R-HD44) are all freshman legislators who may be unfamiliar with the floor protocols. Their inexperience within the legislature might lead these representatives to be hesitant to strike out on their own.

These “debates” only demonstrate the reality that the Republican Party is in complete disarray, which enables faltering members to cover for their inaction and to compromise away your God-given rights, so they don’t upset their chums across the aisle. Indeed, bipartisanship and conciliatory appearances are much more important than your insignificant God-given rights.

Indeed, bipartisanship and conciliatory appearances are much more important than your insignificant God-given rights.

Let’s send these “law givers” a message…Our God-given Rights – Shall Not Be Infringed!

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