March 2, 2024

Patriots, we demonstrated our commitment to the cause of liberty by showing up in significant numbers to the Judiciary Committee hearing on January 26th in support of Permitless Carry, LB77.

However, in a blatant demonstration of their disdain for our God-given rights, the socialist cabal within the Nebraska Legislature have introduced L.B. 482 Suicide Risk Protection Order Act.

L.B. 482 will allow angry relatives or former boyfriend/girlfriends, a disgruntled neighbor, or “other persons related by consanguinity or affinity” to petition a court, in an ex parte hearing, to strip you of your Second Amendment rights. The grounds for these orders are nothing but a list of unsubstantiated allegations that establish a “reasonable fear of future dangerous acts.”

Within the American tradition of ordered liberty, a court, or other governmental body, cannot strip away God-given rights simply because, in doing so, it has complied with due process. As a citizen of These United States, you have the constitutionally enumerated right to “keep and bear arms” regardless of whether the government or discriminating individuals within your community considers it suitable for a particular person to own arms.

The Framers never intended for the government to have the power to prevent future crime. Our government has limited powers that are clearly listed within the Federal Compact and Nebraska State Constitution. Both of these documents serve as powerful legal obstacles against the machinations of those who wish to strip us of our natural rights.

Our rights are not only self-evidently true, but also, they are endowments to all humanity equally by our Creator. That timeless truth is such, regardless of whether the infringing misconduct is instigated by a lawless individual or by the actions of an unjust government. Moreover, the promise of “due process” holds no meaningful safeguards when those overseeing the application of justice have a blatant disrespect for the nation’s First Principles and the Rule of Law.

If we wish to have a rebirth of liberty within this nation, we must passionately strive to safeguard these cherished gifts from our Creator so that future generations of Americans may enjoy the blessing of liberty. That effort begins with the Sovereign States adhering to their mandate to defend the liberties of their citizens by opposing unconstitutional laws that infringe upon our rights.

That’s why GOA needs your help to ensure that we get as many Cornhuskers as possible to contact the Judiciary Committee urging them to oppose L.B. 482!

The Judiciary Committee hearing takes place on February 10th at 1:30 PM in Room 1113 on the 1st floor of the Capitol Building.

Patriots, please make every effort to attend the hearing if you are able to do so!

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