April 12, 2024

Please Contact Wyoming House Committee to Support the Stop Red Flags Act!

In June of 2022, the Biden Administration worked with the Democrat-controlled Congress and a handful of turncoat Republicans to pass the most comprehensive gun control in almost 40 years. A centerpiece of their gun control included a massive amount of Federal money made available to the states to implement and enforce Red Flag Laws.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders, most commonly known as “Red Flag” laws, are one of the most ominous tools anti-gun forces use to deprive law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment Rights.

Red flag laws allow unproven accusations to be used to take your firearms without a chance to defend yourself and without “Due Process” protections commonly accepted as paramount to our American system of justice.

There are thousands of examples of law-abiding citizens being deprived of their liberty and property because of Red Flags, including a case in Ferndale, Maryland where 60-year-old Gary Willis was summarily executed by police with a Gun Confiscation Order, when he came to the door at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand. Willis was not a criminal, and we now know the Gun Confiscation Order was obtained by a vengeful relative who wanted to punish Willis for his political views.

In another case in Middlebury, Vermont, authorities were concerned about threatening remarks that were attributed to two teenage boys. So prosecutors obtained a Gun Confiscation Order against the uncle of one of the teens — and then, without any statutory authority, used the order to strip the law-abiding uncle of his constitutional rights.

Wyoming State FlagThe Wyoming Legislature has a chance to do something about these extreme risk protection orders during the current 2023 Legislative Session.

THE STOP RED FLAGS ACT – HB0250, sponsored by Representative Mark Jennings [R] from Sheridan, will prohibit the implementation and enforcement of Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Wyoming.

The bill prohibits the state of Wyoming and all political subdivisions of this state from using any personnel or funds appropriated by the legislature of the state of Wyoming or any other source of funds that originated within or outside the state of Wyoming to implement any statute, rule, executive order, judicial order or judicial finding that would have the effect of enforcing an extreme risk protection order against or upon a resident of the state.

This act preempts any local law, ordinance or regulation regarding an extreme risk protection order as well.

HB0250 is the bill we need to protect Wyoming citizens from Red Flags!

Please contact the House Appropriations Committee now by clicking here. We have provided a pre-written message to encourage Committee members to support HB0250. Time is critical, so please act now to protect your rights!


Contact the House Appropriations Committees to Support the Stop Red Flags Act!


P.S. Please contact the House Appropriations Committee members now by clicking this link. Also, please be watching for updates on these and other bills in the coming days, and be on the lookout for information about other important GOA efforts to protect or advance your Second Amendment Rights!

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