March 2, 2024

We were at the 2023 SHOT Show from Saturday the 14th through Friday the 20th. We attended private range days on Sunday, Industry Day at the Range on Monday, and then walked our legs off Tuesday through Friday on the miles of aisles of the Venetian Convention Center and Caesar’s across the street.

We ate and drank at restaurants and bars at the Venetian/Palazzo complex and other hotels around town. We Uber’d to various events offsite held by friends and vendors.

Just to be clear, AT NO TIME did we see any sign of the activity depicted in the just-posted video above, produced with Micheal Bloomberg’s money. We didn’t hear about Students Demand Action at all. We’re not saying it didn’t happen, just that it was evidently so innocuous and inconsequential as to be…utterly useless.

Useless besides, of course, boosting the self-esteem of these oh-so-earnest Young People™ who were chosen to go.

As the description under the video at YouTube says . . .

Students Demand Action leaders confronted the gun industry head-on at its trade show and party, SHOT Show, in Las Vegas last week. They’re demanding they market their products responsibly, never to kids and teens, call out and refuse to work with bad actors in the gun industry, and secure their supply chains.

We saw no confrontation. We didn’t see their roadside signs on the way to the range. We didn’t see the posters they put up or table tents they placed. If we had, we would have photographed them ourselves and would have been very anxious to talk to one or more of the Very Concerned Kids.

As one skull full of mush in the video proclaims . . .

It’s really exciting because some activism is on social media, but walking on the ground in a place where there are thousands of people attending one of the world’s largest gun shows really feels like it’s making a difference. 

We beg to differ.

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