April 24, 2024

Background check expansions are on the move in the “Industry” State and we’re counting on you to help block H.B. 225 & 226 leaving the House Committee on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice today at 2:00 PM!

H.B. 225 requires agencies to run a background check when returning a firearm to an individual from evidence.

It also necessitates that courts report criminal information to the Criminal Investigations and Technical Service Division to provide all the relationship connections between the victim and the perpetrator.

If that shocking data collection scheme were not enough, H.B. 225 requires the Bureau of Criminal Identification to inform local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over a firearms dealer when a restricted person attempts to purchase a firearm from that dealer! Meaning that your information will be sent to your local sheriff or police department when a false positive denial occurs.

Under H.B. 226, the legislation creates an online process that allows an individual involved in the sale of a firearm to determine if the purchaser has a valid concealed carry permit, is a restricted person, or the firearm has been reported as stolen.

It also directs the Bureau of Criminal Identification to notify an individual using the online process that the individual could be criminally prosecuted for selling or purchasing a stolen firearm or selling a firearm to a restricted person, and the bureau is immune from suits arising from the operation of the online process.

Please see GOA’s complete reports on how background checks are unconstitutional and about the ATF’s illegal registry.

Once again, House Bills 225 & 226 are scheduled for a committee hearing on January 25th at 2:00 PM.

Gun Owners of America is strongly opposed to these efforts to infringe upon the God-given rights of law-abiding Second Amendment supporters across the state.

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