June 25, 2024

An armed citizen comes to the rescue:

“An armed Applebee’s customer in upstate New York stopped a man who allegedly sliced an employee’s face with a steak knife, according to police. New Hartford police were alerted to reports of a fight involving a knife and a handgun at an Applebee’s on Commercial Drive, at about 6:42 p.m. on Saturday, January 14. When officers arrived, they learned Esteban F. Padron, 28, from nearby Utica, had entered the restaurant before being asked to leave due to a previous incident where he had allegedly acted disorderly. Applebee’s staff then asked Padron to leave and attempted to escort him out of the restaurant. A New Hartford Police Department (NHPD) Facebook post shared on Sunday, January 15, read: “While escorting Padron out, he began attacking an Applebee’s staff member. Padron was able to run back behind the bar, ultimately grabbing a steak knife and continued fighting with multiple staff members. “While staff was attempting to gain control of the situation, one staff member suffered a laceration to his face from Padron swinging the knife at him. A second Applebee’s staff member involved also sustained a non-life-threatening injury.” Police said an Applebee’s customer who was carrying a legally-owned handgun saw Padron had a knife and had attempted to harm people. The New Hartford police spokesperson added: “This citizen intervened by drawing his handgun and giving Padron commands to stay on the ground and let go of the knife. Padron discarded the knife and stayed on the ground until New Hartford Police Officers arrived on the scene and took Padron into custody.” …”

This raises an important question: Was the restaurant posted as specifically allowing patrons to carry guns? Otherwise the armed citizen is in violation of Gov. Hochul’s so-called Concealed Carry Improvement Act.

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