July 20, 2024

Congress May Take a Vote on Gun Control in the Next Few Days if you Don’t Act!

Your Messages are Making a Difference! Now Give it a Final Push!

I wrote to you last week the anti-gunners are hijacking the annual military funding bill known as the National Defense Authorization Act (or NDAA) again with gun control.

This time they’ve added an amendment to set-up a program for so called “safe-storage.” If this passes, you can count on them using this to justify extreme gun control.

Contact your senators and representatives and demand they vote to take this amendment out!

We’ve fought the NDAA before when it had gun control, like “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders, and we WON. But the only reason we won is because passionate patriots like you contacted your congressman by using our action alerts.

We’ve won before, and we can win again. But that only happens if you tell your elected officials this matters to you.

Do not allow any compromise with tyrants, contact Congress now to oppose this!

This amendment does not tackle the root causes of the high service member suicide rate, as its proponents claim it does. Rather than actually helping members, this amendment would blame the tool, rather than the root problem, for causing such tragedies. Removing the rights of our service members does not help them and will not reduce the suicide crisis in our military.

Our only hope is if you pressure lawmakers NOW to tell leadership any and all gun control is unacceptable.

Demand your two senators and local representative call for all gun control to be negotiated out of the NDAA!

Anti-gunners think the idea behind so-called “safe storage” laws is that anti-gunners think if its harder to access a life-saving firearm when you need it, you’ll be safer. Inevitably, for this to be enforced, there would need to be inspections by the government on civilians on how and where guns are stored.

Even if it’s a voluntary program, this creates a precedent so that the government will figure out the most effective means of investigating your home and figuring out how many firearms you own, where you put them, and how you are able to access them.

If this passes, how long will it take for this “voluntary” program to become a MANDATORY program?

Help your lawmakers understand this paves the way for Second Amendment infringements by sending a message NOW!

After you’re done sending your messages, be sure to call your two senators and representative and tell them you oppose “safe storage” programs and any gun control provisions. Use the switchboard number here: (202) 224-3121

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