September 30, 2023

Gun owners don’t seek counseling, for possessing guns. I’ve never heard of Gun Owners Anonymous, or Killers Are Us.

But co-victims of gun violence need emotional support. Maybe we need to introduce a gun tax for Co-Victims Support. You owe us. Your GUN damaged us. There was no blood involved. A co-victim is someone who is connected to someone who was shot, or to a shooter. But, damn, we are damaged. …

We know what triggered—pun intended—our issues. It was a gun. Pay up. Let’s add a special gun tax that goes exclusively to treat the 7 co-victims of every shooting.

Not enough money, you say? We can hike that tax. …

Gun owners owe me. …

Gun owners should fund every moment of mental health we need, for as long as we need it. I view PTSD like alcoholism. PTSD is forever. You just learn to handle it, as best you can.

But that is expensive, especially for PhD level, which currently runs about $120/hour in my town, more in larger cities. So, expensive that so many of us who want help can’t access the level we need.

I tell my Truth now.

We need that Gun Tax. Co-Victims deserve it. Gun owners owe us.

— judyrosella in Guns Made Me a Liar. Tax Gun Owners.

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