May 24, 2024

This is just lame:

“During Tuesday’s NY-23 Congressional debate, candidates Nick Langworthy (R) and Max Della Pia (D), were asked how the government can reduce gun violence. Langworthy stated that there should be a stronger focus on mental heath … “More laws are not the answer,” said Langworthy. “We need to tackle the issue of mental health and it has been ignored for far too long. When we have a tragedy, so many people on the left run to ban guns from law-abiding gun owners. “The people that commit these heinous murders and crimes, they are not deterred by more laws. They’re not looking to say, ‘Am I in compliance with the New York Safe Act?’ They wish to harm others. Until we get real about mental health in this country and analyzing what is the profile of the people that are committing these heinous murders, we are not going to solve the problem. More registries, more red-tape for law-abiding gun wars owners will not work.” When asked what steps he would take to reduce gun violence if elected, Langworthy said he would utilize federal resources to commission a study on the profile of mass shooters and mental illness …”

No mention whatsoever on 2A rights.

His opponent is equally worthless:

“… Della Pia said that there needs to be a national, reasonable gun safety legislation that includes more universal regulations including background checks. “We need to eliminate those multi-round magazines,” said Della Pia. “We’ve done it in New York but that doesn’t do any good if you go across 10 miles south of the border and get them from Pennsylvania.” …”

Just some some generic antigun talking points.

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