February 25, 2024

Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

Democarts War on Guns and America
Democarts War on Guns and America

Because of the British King and parliament in 1775, the American Colonies were in distress over government mandates and taxes. To counter this, local militias were formed by Minutemen, who were prepared to confront the oppressive government at a minute’s notice, hence the name. These Minuteman militias gathered military-grade weapons and gunpowder and stored them in central locations. They were stored in a warehouse near Boston in the Town of Concord.

The key to these militias was that they trained as units at farms around their cities. In order to meet the British Army, they needed training to do so. Alongside these militias was a dedicated group [today, we call them Anons] that disseminated the truth and some fiction about the evils of the British.

Among them were Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Thomas Payne, and numerous others.

In an attempt to control the spreading of these truths, rumors, and falsehoods, the British Government clamped down on the press. In 1775, the Colonial press was strictly controlled by the British Government, and only what they said was allowed to be printed.

Local gathering spots, like pubs and stores, allowed posters, pamphlets, and bills to be left for all to read in order to circumvent these new, aggressive, repressive laws intended to suppress any non-governmental truth from being heard. Men and women were imprisoned for speaking the truth.

After our Constitution was ratified, before the ink was dry, the Bill of Rights became the first ten amendments to ensure that no government would ever again be so powerful that “We the People” could not replace it using the exact force used to expel the British.

That is why the Second Amendment is the only one that addresses only one subject; “The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms.”

The Second Amendment, above all others, is the only means that ‘We The People’ have to ensure that our leaders obey the rest of the Constitution. Of course, this writer is not the only one who has read American history. Biden’s handlers have read it, too. It is why there was a concentrated effort to destroy and punitively punish the Oath Keepers.

The Oath Keepers presented a particular dilemma for the anti-American left.

They really didn’t require additional training to be a viable militia and were a threat to the communist-loving left who are destroying our Constitution. The Oath Keepers were an organization of ex-military and police. These men and women had two things in common: they were all patriots and all trained in the martial arts. They were ready to go to war with a minute’s notice.

They were an existential threat to the Democrat party and had to be destroyed. It is why all of the leaders have been imprisoned for multiple years. And the organization no longer exists. All other para-military organizations, such as the Proud Boys, Three Presenters, and any other patriotic movement, have also been diminished, almost into obscurity.

As patriots are being imprisoned, demeaned, and isolated. The Biden administration, along with all Democrats nationally, have been attempting to destroy the Second Amendment in the most concentrated effort ever in the history of the United States. Even as the Supreme Court has found in favor of the Second Amendment in its most forceful ruling ever, the Bruen decision, anti-American communists are attacking the decision through activist judges and outright attacks on conservative justices of SCOTUS.


One more piece of history must be remembered to fully understand the severity of where we are at this very minute. When our Revolution began, about one-third of the citizens of the American Colonies were for separation from England, while one-third were opposed to it.

It was that one-third that were unsure that made the difference between America being another British Colony or an independent nation.

Through the efforts of those writers who posted the truth on bulletin boards, at pubs, and meeting houses, and every patriot who repeated those truths that swayed the majority of Americans, independence from Great Britain was not only possible, it was achievable. It took the militias’ dogged resolve in battle to provide victories in Oriskany, New York, Bennington, Vermont, and finally, Saratoga, New York, in 1777 that convinced enough middle-of-the-roaders that we could win that changed the course of history.

Today, we have one-third of our nation who are true patriots, one-third who are anti-American, and one-third who are middle-of-the-roaders. While our government, at every level, is doing everything it can to suppress the truth from getting out, making up new government-speak words like misinformation and disinformation, there are still those trying to spread the truth.

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You must become one of those spreading the truth. Pass on these truths any way you can. Email, social media, snail mail, word-of-mouth, and even pamphlets on bulletin boards in bars. It is the only way that America and our Constitution can remain without blood being spilled. Yes, we are nearing the point of no return.

This author believes that the election of 2024 will be a turning point in our history, no matter who wins and who loses if Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the candidates. Whoever wins, the losers’ supporters will not believe the results. Another January 6th will result, but it will not end non-violently because nonviolence was tried, and we all know the results.

The attack on the Second Amendment by team Biden is telling that the anti-American left believes that they are near the end of their campaign to substantially transform America as Obama promised five days before his successful 2008 presidential run. They believe that they will be able to suppress ‘We the People’ once we are disarmed. It is why they are putting so much effort into it while ignoring violent criminals.

Once they are in total control, those criminals, the homeless, and all patriots will be rounded up and sent to some gulag to vanish forever. That is why removing private possession of guns is so important to them. Just look at old England now, without guns. They arrest people for saying the word queer or silently praying in public. That is what we avoided when we took up arms in 1775. Democrats want that power now. And it all begins by ending the Second Amendment.

There is only one reasonable chance of avoiding violent conflict: winning the hearts and minds of most Americans before November 5, 2024. And we all can play a part in that simply by spreading the truth.

God bless America.

Joe Ragonese

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