February 25, 2024

JOHN CRUMP Nominated for Top Voices of the 2A

AmmoLand News readers,

Multiple AmmoLand News contributors are nominees for the “Gundie Awards,” but there is one who notably rises above the rest.

Vote for John Crump

We have an important call to action: John Crump, our hardest-hitting investigative journalist and a tireless advocate for gun rights, has been nominated for the “Top Voices of the 2A” award in the Gundie Awards. These awards recognize influential voices in the firearms community, and John’s work more than fits the bill.

From challenging the ATF’s regulations to spotlighting critical Second Amendment issues, John’s articles demonstrate his commitment to factual, in-depth reporting on matters crucial to gun owners. His investigative pieces don’t just report the news… They make the news; they delve into the heart of what it means to be a responsible, informed gun owner in today’s world. They are regularly quoted and read from in the House of Representatives when holding rogue federal agencies to account.

Here is a short list of John Crump’s work from just 2023: (you should reread each of these important articles)

  • Federal Judge Stays Entire ATF Pistol Brace Rule
  • New Injunction Issued Against the ATF Pistol Brace Rule
  • ATF Warns Texas FFLs About Dangerous Cartel Activity
  • “ATF Violates Agreed Upon Timeline By Filing For An Appeal In Pistol Brace Case”​
  • “Maryland State Police Choose to Enforce Unconstitutional Law”​
  • “New AI is Monitoring the Michigan State Capitol for Firearms”​
  • ATF Claims Solvent Traps Were Always Unregistered Silencers“​
  • “Fact Check: Rep. Garcia’s Claim That 50% of Gun Stores Would Go Out Of Business Without Mexican Drug Cartels”​
  • “Government Uses Propaganda to Argue Against Guns For Marijuana Users”​
  • “Gun Rights Groups Vow To Appeal The Seven Circuit Ruling On “Assault Weapons”​
  • “Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Vacates ATF Frames and Receiver Rule”​
  • “Nashville Manifesto of Transgender Killer Leaked”​
  • “SCOTUS Will Hear A Challenge To the ATF’s Bump Stock Rule”​
  • “Alleged Human Trafficking In Affluent DC Suburb Shows The Need For Guns”​
  • NY’s Door-to-Door Crusade Against Homemade Guns Backfires, Unintentional Masterclass in Ghost-Gunsmithing“​
  • “GOA’s Injunction Against ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule Extended Until Case Is Settled”​
  • “Firearms Exports “Paused” & Commerce Department Involvement In SHOT Show Reevaluated”​
  • “Jury Finds Man NOT Guilty After Shooting YouTube Prankster”​
  • “ATF Attempts to Silence Gun Owners of America”​
  • “ATF Employee Caught Gun Running to Mexico”​
  • “Texas AG Paxton Targets Anti-Gun Banks”​
  • “ATF Raid Gun Store Over FRTs and Pistol Braces”​
  • “NY Lawmakers Want Background Checks & Waiting Periods for 3D Printers”​
  • “Judge Denies Preliminary Injunctions to Block New Mexico’s Gun Ban”​
  • “Stay Issued Blocking Preliminary Injunction Against California’s Magazine Ban”​
  • “Injunction Issued Against the ATF’s Rule On Forced Reset Triggers”​
  • “DOJ Goes to SCOTUS to Protect ATF’s “Ghost Gun” Rule”​
  • “TRO Against New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Anti-Gun Order Extended”​
  • “Federal Judge Rules Gun CAD Files are Not Protected Speech”​
  • “Fifth Circuit Upholds Injunction Against the ATF’s Frames And Receiver Rule”​

Support John by voting for him at the Gundie Awards website. Voting daily will help amplify the impact of his work and dedication to our rights.

John works so hard in the fight for our Second Amendment. We need everyone reading this to go vote and vote as often as the system allows.

Also, it’s a point of pride that other writers from AmmoLand News have also been nominated, including:

Your vote is a powerful way to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and dedication of John and our team in defending our Second Amendment rights.

Thank you for your support,

Fredy Riehl
Editor in Chief
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

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