December 4, 2023

As the Thanksgiving festivities approach, with the promise of a national food coma and family reunions, there’s a relevant message coming from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to gun owners: Check your bags for firearms before hitting the airport—a reasonable ask and one worth noting for CCW holders.

The TSA is bracing for a hectic travel week, anticipating sky-high passenger numbers as Americans crisscross the country to reunite with their loved ones. Yet, amidst this bustling mobility, the TSA’s plea rings clear:

“Don’t bring guns to the checkpoint line,” says Jessica Mayle, regional spokesperson for TSA, echoing a sentiment that’s been making rounds in the news.​

Here’s the deal – accidentally packing a firearm in your carry-on could cost you more than just an awkward apology. We’re talking thousands in fines and a five-year goodbye to your pre-check privileges. The TSA isn’t kidding around. But this isn’t just about the rules; it’s about the sheer frequency of such occurrences. According to TSA, more than 5,000 guns have been halted at checkpoints nationally this year alone.​

For law-abiding citizens who wish to travel with firearms, there’s a protocol: Declare your weapon at the ticket counter, fill out a form, and stow it in your checked luggage.

The rules are clear – guns must be in a hard case, locked, and unloaded.

The irony isn’t lost on anyone, least of all gun owners. The TSA, an agency often mocked for its inefficacies and criticized for missing the mark on larger security threats, now finds itself in the role of the strict schoolmaster, laying down the law for responsible gun carriage. It’s a peculiar position for an organization that hasn’t exactly been the poster child for competence, especially in the eyes of those who hold the Second Amendment in high esteem.

But let’s cut to the chase – forgetting a firearm in your carry-on isn’t just an oops moment; it’s a serious lapse in responsibility. And every time it happens, it fuels the fire for those eager to paint gun owners with a broad brush of irresponsibility. So, although it may seem like a hassle, a thorough check of your luggage before you head out could save you from more than just a headache; it could safeguard the reputation of gun owners nationwide.

So, this Thanksgiving, as we prepare to give thanks and gorge ourselves on turkey and pie, let’s also remember to give a cursory glance through our bags. [ammunition & shell casings, too] The TSA might be the butt of jokes, but their warnings are no laughing matter. A few minutes of precaution could be the difference between a smooth journey and a turbulent start to the holiday season.

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