December 4, 2023

Nine years ago, CMMG introduced the world to the Mk47. It quickly became (and continues to be) one of the most sought-after models in the CMMG lineup.  On November 7th, CMMG is reintroducing the Mk47 to the world, but this time in the DISSENT lineup.

This all-new Mk47 DISSENT takes CMMG’s ever-popular Mk47 and combines it with their patented Compact Action operating system. This operating system negates the need for the traditional buffer tube and stock. A trend that is gaining a lot of traction in the AR world.

The Mk47 is a mid-sized platform, designed from the ground up specifically to shoot the 7.62x39mm cartridge and to be fed from commonly available AK47 magazines while maintaining familiar AR style controls. This mid-sized platform takes on the “Overkill Never Fails” mentality by utilizing CMMG’s POWERBOLT Technology where a larger .308 sized bolt is used in place of the smaller 5.56 sized bolt. This allows for incredible reliability and durability when being fed a steady diet of surplus ammunition.

“The introduction of the Mk47 into the DISSENT lineup was the next logical step in the life of the Mk47. It has been a platform that’s been well accepted by both AR and AK enthusiasts and offering it in the DISSENT allows us to add features that our customers have been requesting for years.” Says Chris Reinkemeyer, CMMG CEO.


CMMG Mk47 DISSENT Features:

  • DISSENT Side Folding Stock (rifles only)
  • Non-Reciprocating/Reversible Front Side Charger
  • ZEROED Drop-In Trigger
  • Rifle and Pistol Configurations
  • 16.1” barrel and 14.3” pinned and welded barrel
  • ZEROED accessories including a new manual bolt catch

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About CMMG

CMMG began in central Missouri in 2002 and quickly developed into a full-time business because of its group of knowledgeable and passionate firearms enthusiasts committed to quality and service. Its reputation was built on attention to detail, cutting edge innovation and the superior craftsmanship that comes from sourcing all their own parts. By offering high quality AR rifles, parts and accessories, CMMG’s commitment to top-quality products and professional service is as deep today as it was when it began.CMMG logo

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