March 2, 2024

Dan Wos, Author of – Good Gun Bad Guy
Host of The Loaded Mic

Gun Free Zones

After watching senseless killings in Gun Free Zones time and time again, logical-thinking people start to consider the fact that deaths occur in these locations because people can’t defend themselves when under attack. Mainstream media, in coordination with the Democrat party, is highly tuned in to this awareness and works effortlessly to counteract that thought process through an endless stream of propaganda, rhetoric, and gun-blaming.

They know that logical-thinking people are aware of their anti-gun fear campaign. Still, they also know that there is a good portion of Americans who can be easily manipulated into believing the anti-gun lies.

We wonder how, if they know that they are putting good people in danger with their false narrative, Gun Free Zones, and dangerous gun restrictions, they can continue this experiment in unnecessary loss of human life?

We ask this question, coming from a mindset that holds human life in high regard, which is why we can’t understand their motives. Our intent is to see that innocent life is protected, which is why we keep and bear arms. The gun grabbers’ intent seems to be keeping innocent life as vulnerable as possible. Without loss of life, and the vulnerability of American Citizens, the political left has no fuel to drive their anti-gun agenda.

The biggest culprit of unnecessary and preventable death is the Gun Free Zone. It is also becoming quite apparent that the Gun Free Zone is a valuable tool for gun restrictions. At a certain point, the gun-grabbers start to look foolish for continuing dangerous policies with no remorse, but the Gun Free Zone brings with it death, and an excuse to blame guns for human violence. This is the main driver for gun-restriction support.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself why it is that left-wing media and politicians will start blaming firearms, with total disregard to the suffering families and loss of life before the victims are even removed from the scene.

There are several reasons for this immoral behavior, including the fact that a good portion of our Country values politics over morality.

This could be a result of the demonization of Judaism and Christian values in our society. It could also be the fact that there is a concerted effort to teach people to devalue human life if it doesn’t benefit them.

Since Joe Biden introduced the Crime Control Act, which included the Gun-Free School Zones Act in 1990, school killings have doubled and increased at twice the rate of increase every ten years. Gun Free Zones are not limited to school campuses and have been implemented both legislatively and socially into businesses across America. Governor Kathy Hochul is infamous for violating the Constitutional rights of New Yorkers by implementing “sensitive locations” legislation, which is a new and less demonized term for “Gun Free Zone.” When bad policy becomes obvious, bad policymakers rename them.

We have recently experienced a tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, where a man named Robert Card killed seven people. The act of violence was carried out inside the “Just In Time Bowling Alley,” located in Lewiston, Maine. According to The Crime Prevention Research Center, the bowling alley was a Gun Free Zone and had a sign on the front door that read, “We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing Firearms into this building, and we would appreciate it if you left them in your vehicle. Please keep our atmosphere family-friendly.”

Unfortunately, this anti-gun mindset puts innocent lives in danger. In an attempt to make their bowling alley “family-friendly,” they may have made it a deadly location. Will the owners of this facility change their policy and be held accountable for the loss of life? Don’t hold your breath. Will Democrats and the mainstream media recognize the fact that the owners of this business may have put their patrons in danger by disarming them before they entered the building? Probably not. Why? Because the anti-gun mindset that has permeated a portion of our population is more interested in their political positioning than they are the lives of their fellow citizens.

Too many of your fellow Americans on the political Left, want you disarmed. It would appear they are willing to achieve that result at any cost.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.
Dan Wos,
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy
Host – The Loaded Mic

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Dan Wos
Dan Wos

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