September 28, 2023


Ryan Busse Wrong for Montana
Ryan Busse Wrong for Montana

Montana needs to wake up and cancel this bad actor’s campaign for state Governor …and fast.

“Hi there, I’m Ryan Busse, [Senior Advisor, Giffords, gun Contol Org], and I’m running to be the next Governor of Montana. I’m a father, a husband, a hunter, and a proud Montanan who wants our great state to be a place where all of our freedoms are protected.” ~ Ryan Busse X.

Conman, Busse, might try to fool uninformed Montanans that he is all for protecting freedoms. But his track record on the Second Amendment is a Freedom-Gutting horror show.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation called Busse a “Fear Merchant and Liar.”

NSSF’s Larry Keane continued in a second OP-ED: “Busse likes to pass himself off to adoring gun control media types as a firearm industry “expert” but make no mistake…he’s nothing of the sort. He dresses up in Fudd-ish plaid flannel, hunts with expensive shotguns and spends more time dabbling in blue-anon progressive politics than he does actually concentrating on things like the facts. Don’t believe him. He’s nothing more than a modern-day snake oil salesman hawking gun control as a miracle cure-all elixir.”

“Busse is a charlatan. He’s a paid shill for gun control who has yet to find a media outlet that won’t fawn over his “Saul-to-Paul” conversion from defender of firearms to shotgun-toting, plaid-wearing doomsday prophet shouting repentance admonitions at anyone who dares to disagree with his gun control crusade.”

Those are pretty tough words from the starched-shirt, National Shooting Sports Foundation, which spends more time in board rooms and government offices negotiating with bureaucrats and not throwing verbal bombs at freedom haters.

Blah, blah blah, but where is your proof Busse is a two-faced shill against your right to keep and bear arms you might ask?

How about this proof: 18+ times, Ryan Busse has appeared in lawsuits to defend gun control in attempts to kill your second amendment rights.

Wake up, Montana!





















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