September 28, 2023


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“‘Security’ is a state of mind. At any moment, it can be shattered by someone who knows how to breach it.” ~ Bradley Lilly
“Words have meaning. And their meaning doesn’t change.” ~ Antonin Scalia

Of course, with leftists, words also have meaning, but meanings suddenly change based on corrupt collectivist goals. And we’re all required to accept this “new meaning” or be punished.

Thus, the gullible are routinely told lies by woke “personal security experts,” who are unfailingly mouthing the leftist playbook.

These “experts” talk ad nauseam about “rules,” “orders of protection,” “red flag laws,” “restraining orders,” and “developing a personal safety plan.”

Not surprisingly, their dubious “safety plans” never tell the soon-to-be homicide victims the following:

  • 1) Audaciously claim your own magnificence! Resolve to forcefully resist (including with deadly force) murderous attackers. You have the right to continue living. They have no right to murder you!

  • 2) Buy a gun, and learn how to use it effectively for “serious purposes.” It’s your Constitutional Right! When you desperately need a gun, there is no substitute that is even remotely adequate.

  • 3) When the application of deadly force is necessary in order to preserve your life, at all times, be in a position to apply it with unapologetic decisiveness and precision.

  • 4) Know that when incisive application of deadly force is the “solution,” it is usually the only solution.

  • 5) Understand that sometimes, in order to save a life, you have to end a life. Resolve that, when necessary, you’ll boldly step up to the plate without hesitation. Your life hinges on it!

You’ll never hear any of the foregoing from the lips of soft-headed “security experts” who haunt TV news networks. Few among them are willing to face facts, at least in public. But you can bet they all own guns or at least pay for armed security that does, in order to protect themselves. They just won’t talk about it!


“Don’t hit at all when it is honorably possible to avoid hitting. But, never hit soft!” ~ Theodore Roosevelt


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