September 28, 2023
38th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference
38th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference

This year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference is less than a month away, and the GRPC planning team is proud to announce that you will have the opportunity to hear from a number of the lawyers who are on the leading edge of firearms rights litigation.

Some of the confirmed speakers include the following SAF attorneys:

  • Bradley Benbrook – Lead counsel for the lawsuit that successfully challenged California’s fee-shifting provision in Second Amendment lawsuits
  • John Dillon – Counsel for a lawsuit challenging California’s Assault Weapons Ban (won at trial – now on remand post-Bruen), California’s ban on firearms purchases for young adults (18-20-year-olds), and more
  • Chad Flores – Lead counsel for lawsuits challenging ATF’s Final Rule on frames and receivers and ATF’s brace ban
  • Donald Kilmer – Counsel for lawsuits challenging bans on gun shows in California
  • Edward Paltzik – Lead counsel for a challenge to Maryland’s Red Flag Law, the inaugural case for SAF’s Capture the Flag initiative

and many more!

Attendance is free, but pre-registration online at the SAF website is strongly encouraged.

For those unable to attend, the conference will be available on multiple virtual platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 22nd – 24th, 2023!

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