September 25, 2023
We fixed Bill Lee's "tweet" about Red Flag laws
We fixed Bill Lee’s “tweet” about Red Flag laws

We fixed Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s Tweet about the need for Red Flag laws – but he still demands that the Legislature enact gun confiscation in a Special Session!


Governor Bill Lee has demanded for months now that the primary response he has to the Covenant murders is gun control that seizes firearms from individuals who have not committed any crimes. He supports Red Flag laws.

Although polling shows that 84% of Tennesseans want to remove mentally ill people who are a medically established danger to themselves or others from the community to get them treatment, Bill Lee wants to send armed officers into their homes to seize the guns but leave those dangerous individuals free to do harm in the community.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee put his proposal on Twitter but that tweet needed to be corrected – at least to reflect the need to remove dangerous, mentally ill people from their victims.

We are sharing this message as broadly as possible and it is working. Numerous state Legislators openly reject Bill Lee’s veiled effort to help them Democrats by enacting gun control in Tennessee.

We would have hoped that it was not necessary to push this message as hard as we are but there are many Democrats who are salivating at the support Bill Lee is giving to one of their issues. There are a number of Republicans who are supporting his proposal – like Lt. Governor Randy McNally – as well.

TFALAC presently is implementing the Red Flag Down campaign with radio and video ads running statewide that started on August 1. All the funds we are raising with this campaign are working to protect our rights from gun control agenda of Bill Lee and the Democrats. We want to increase the pressure.

With additional funding we can expand the Red Flag Down campaign to educate and empower more Tennesseans. We can secure the support of more legislators. We can stop the radical left and Bill Lee’s gun control agenda in Nashville.

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