September 28, 2023
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Homeowner Thwarts Home Invasion, Holds Intruder at Gunpoint, iStock-1334890768

U.S.A. — On July 19th, 2023, a homeowner in Neptune Beach, Florida, demonstrated the necessity of the Second Amendment and why firearms are the best tool for self-defense. The homeowner held the would-be burglar at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived to arrest the intruder.

The accused, identified as Antonio Dante Grant, was recently released from prison, where he was held on a conviction for an attempted forcible sexual battery committed in 2018 in Jacksonville Beach. On July 19th, 2023, Grant forced his way into a home through the back door, a decision that would land him back behind bars.

The homeowner was ready; the criminal was not. After breaking into the home, Grant found himself staring down the barrel of the homeowner’s firearm.

The resident armed himself and maintained control of the situation, holding Grant at gunpoint until the arrival of Neptune Beach police. Upon arrival, law enforcement arrested Grant, and he was charged with second-degree forcible felony for burglary.

The Neptune Beach police force was thankful to the homeowner, whose actions prevented the situation from becoming a tragedy but glossed over the important fact that an armed civilian stopped it. In a Facebook statement by the NBPD, they conceded the homeowner was brave in his actions but recommended people invest in security measures, “such as cameras, and always call us if you ever believe there is a problem.”

Cameras and phone calls did not stop this criminal from forcing his way into the home. Only having a gun pointed his way made him reconsider his actions.

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